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Case Study: Lam Research

The Challenge

For the past year, businesses and organizations have made many changes to cope with the impact COVID-19 had on their teams. With employees working remote, it's difficult to distribute learning materials as needed. In particular, Lam Research, a world leading semiconductor company based in Fremont, California, faced a new roadblock when they decided to offer copies of their guest speaker's book to hundreds of employees working at home. How could they affordably get books in the hands of each employee without the touchpoint of everyone being in the office?

The Solution

Lam Research needed to send copies of Unapologetically Ambitious by Shellye Archambeau to their employees and came to BookPal for a solution. With everyone working from home and concern for distributing personal employee information, they partnered with BookPal to facilitate address collection and individual fulfillment of the books. Since they could not supply client addresses directly due to employee confidentiality, BookPal created an address collection form that gathered the information needed to distribute over 100 copies to each individual employee. Yes, you read that right—we can easily ship to as many addresses as needed!

The custom landing page was sent to Lam employees and after a week deadline for employees to submit their info, BookPal got to work fulfilling their order. Over 100 copies of Unapologetically Ambitious were sent out without complications!

If your company is facing a similar challenge, please fill out the form below and we'll be happy to create a custom solution that fits your needs.