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Even Amazon
Buys Books From BookPal!

Since our inception in 2005, we’ve been passionate about connecting the right ideas to people and organizations to inspire them to become their best. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of organizations get the books they need, when and how they need them. Our knowledge of large-quantity logistics and flexible shipping options set us apart from the competition–so much so that even Amazon places bulk book orders with BookPal!

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Unique Solutions for Unique Needs

We love Amazon! We buy from them every day to support our day-to-day operations. But when their warehouse was just not equipped to handle the volume of books and delivery options required, they turned to us for our specialized services and accommodations. From time-sensitive orders to delivering 1,000 books to a 20-story highrise with no loading dock, Amazon put their trust in us. Your organization’s unique needs deserve unique solutions–we can make it happen! We are proud to work with and be an Amazon alternative for book orders.

Case Study #1

Lights,Camera, Books!

At BookPal, we understand the urgency of a blockbuster moment. When our clients have events with tight deadlines, we step up to the challenge. That's why when Amazon Prime Video needed 1,000 books to be expedited to The Tender Bar movie premier location they turned to us for assistance. Our long-standing relationships with the publishers allow us to coordinate with them directly if any delivery accommodations are needed so we quickly got to work. As the red carpet unfurled, the books had already taken their seats, eagerly waiting to be enjoyed by movie stars and book enthusiasts alike. BookPal doesn't just deliver books; we deliver experiences that leave our clients and their audiences cheering for an encore!

Case Study #2

The Penthouse Predicament

Amazon Corporate presented us with a mission that would give other bulk booksellers a run for their money: deliver a large-quantity order of 1,000 books within 4 weeks to the penthouse of a 20-story high-rise with no loading dock. We had to devise a solution that defied the constraints of conventional delivery methods. The solution: a controlled release. By delaying the release of the books and sending in weekly shipments, Amazon's books were successfully (and most importantly, manageably) received and distributed to their employees before their speaking event.

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