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You may be wondering how BookPal offers such deep discounts on our titles and whether the quality of the books diminishes with the low prices. You don’t have to worry, we only sell new books and protect that with a guarantee.

What this means to you: BookPal works directly with book publishers to supply our customers with books straight from the printer to your hands. Unlike some of our competitors, the books have not been discounted because they were unsold retail copies or remainder copies. You are receiving new books, free of retail stickers or other markings.

What if there are damages? When printers are producing books, we occasionally see mistakes. It is difficult work producing 100,000 copies of the latest business best seller, but that is not something we want you to worry about. If a book arrives with printing errors like streaks or upside-down or missing pages, we will replace damaged copies at no cost to you. In addition, while UPS and other carriers do their best to protect packages in transit, items occasionally arrive damaged. Please note as books are made of paper, they are subject to minor blemishes in transit. Tiny corner folds or small nicks are not subject to this guarantee as they are impossible to prevent and do not affect the use of the book.

If you would like to file a Brand New Quality Guarantee claim, simply fill out the form below and we will get them replaced. All claims for replacements need to be made within 5 business days of your books arriving, so please inspect your books as soon as possible. After making a claim, please keep the damaged copies until you receive instruction from us as some publishers require the damaged copies to be returned.

Purchase with confidence and let’s get to reading!