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Congratulations on your published book! BookPal is here to guide you through the next part of your journey: marketing your book and getting sales. Unlike other book retailers in this space that use the term “bulk sale”, BookPal refers to a large sale of books to an organization as a “group sale”. We look beyond the simple transaction because we believe in the power of books to inspire and grow your people and organization. Group sales is going to be a major element of success for you and your book—lucky for you that’s our specialty.

Put Your Book into More Hands: The Author Guide to Building Group Sales, written by BookPal’s President Tony DiCostanzo, delivers the knowledge you need to develop your strategy, create your action plan, and prepare for group sales. Learn how to become your book’s marketer and get clear on your goals with an expert in the industry. Put Your Book into More Hands is coming soon! Take a sneak peek below.

guide to group sales
 coming soon