Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products

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Nir Eyal
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    In today’s world, products are everywhere. TV shows are constantly interrupted by commercials and magazines are filled with just as many product advertisements as articles. With so many different products out there, how do we determine what products work and which ones don’t? The ones that millions buy versus the ones that fade away? In this bestselling book, Nir Eyal takes a close and fascinating look at the science of products, helping both marketers and consumers understand why people buy what they buy. Using years of consumer research, experience and consulting, Eyal delves deeply into the Hook Model, which is a simple process that drives much of what causes people to purchase certain products. Thanks to the four steps of the Hook Model, companies and their marketers are able to envelop consumers into “hook cycles.” With the use of these cycles, companies don’t have to expend lots on advertising. Instead they keep customers and clients continuously caught up in these product cycles. In addition to dedicated study into the theories and models that make up product behavior, Eyal also offers practical knowledge, actionable steps and real-life examples of these product behaviors taking place. Hooked is recommended for not only companies, marketers, designers and product managers, but also anyone interested in knowing the influence of products. Purchase this and other business books in bulk from BookPal for your next company strategy meeting, organizational onboarding session or outreach event. BookPal, the leading distributor of bulk books, makes purchasing brand-new books easy thanks to affordable wholesale pricing. Browse our extensive catalog of wholesale books today! ISBN 9781591847786 Hardcover Author: Nir Eyal

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