1984 (Signet Classics)

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George Orwell
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    Written by the legendary George Orwell, author of the literary classic Animal Farm, 1984 is a standard read for all high school students. The novel’s dystopian themes and social topics have made it a highly relevant and influential novel since it was first written in 1948. Orwell’s prophecy for the year 1984 may not have come true, but it certainly raises concern and contains strikingly similar elements to today's society. The novel centers around Winston Smith, who lives in a 1984 version of London, which is now a part of the nation of Oceania. Oceania is entirely controlled and monitored by the Party, who is lead by Big Brother. Big Brother is everywhere, including telescreens that allow the Party to see into Winston’s home and work. The Party already has overwhelming control everything in Oceania, but now they even want to control the way people speak. With the implementation of a new language called Newspeak any words relating to political rebellion can be eliminated. Most striking of all is the way in which the Party controls people’s thoughts. Thoughtcrimes, or thinking rebellious thoughts, is illegal. Yet Winston isn’t just another cog in the Party’s wheel. Winston has rebellious tendencies, even keeping a very illegal journal of all his rebellious thoughts. Soon, thanks to a dark-haired rebellious woman and a dissenting member of the Party, Winston is brought into the most rebellious group of all – the Brotherhood. But can even the Brotherhood be trusted? 1984 is a suspenseful dystopian novel similar to classics such as Lord of the Flies and The Giver. Due to darker and complex themes, this title is recommended for readers 14 years or older, or with a high school reading level. This education title is perfect to order as a classroom book set from BookPal. Purchase a classroom novel set of 1984 for your school’s curriculum or next literary event. BookPal is the leading distributor of books in bulk, offering both mass market paperbacks and library-bound classroom book sets. Save money for your school by ordering wholesale books from BookPal today. ISBN 9780451524935 Mass Market Paperback Author: George Orwell

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