10 Quick Teacher Tips for the Classroom

10 Quick Teacher Tips for the Classroom

By Elizabeth Lee , Jan 20th 2016


Quick teacher tips for teachers, from teachers!

Have you been looking for a new way to organize your classroom? Are you looking for new ways to decorate? Is your class itching for new activities to try out? Look no further, because these Instagram-savvy teachers are here to help! Here are a few of our favorite quick teacher tips for the classroom:

1. Use marshmallows for counting practice.

• Reward your students with a cup of hot chocolate when they finish their counting sheet!

2. Create a "Focus Wall"

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• Remind students the importance of grammar and punctuation with the Focus Wall! This can also be swapped out for simple math rules.

3. Thank your students' parents with a small gift!

• Download free printables and attach them to small gifts to thank parents for attending Back to School Night and Open House!

4. Organize your classroom library by genre with bins and colorful labels.

• Organizing your library with separate genre bins makes books easier to access!

5. Make math an interactive activity.

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• Students can practice their mental math while simultaneously getting to know their classmates!  

6. Create "Sharp" and "Please Sharpen" buckets to separate pencils.

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• Creating separate buckets saves students time looking for a pencil. It also saves you time when it's time to re-sharpen all the pencils at the end of the day!

7. Label your bins and drawers.

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• Become the ultimate organizer by labeling all of your bins and containers for easier accessibility.

8. Coordinate lesson plan activities with your reading.

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• You can find tons of inspiration for arts and crafts on Pinterest!

9. Teach science with hands-on experiments.

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• Mix and match different shades to explore different colors.

10. Keep a teacher planner.

• Keep track of your weekly lesson plans and day-to-day activities with a good planner.

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This post was written by Linda Cheung, social media intern at BookPal. She is currently readingBig Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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