11 Harry Potter-Themed Classroom Ideas

11 Harry Potter-Themed Classroom Ideas

By Elizabeth Lee , Oct 6th 2015

harry potter-themed classroom ideas

Have you received your letter from Hogwarts yet?

With Halloween just around the corner, you're probably thinking about themes for your classroom decor. Look no further, because here are 11 Harry Potter-themed classroom ideas that will Sirius-ly make your students feel as if they're attending Hogwarts!

1. Practice the alphabet with these adorable Harry Potter-themed literary cards!

harry potter alphabet cards

Get the full alphabet set here.

2. Switch out all the boring pencils in your classroom with these magical ones!

harry potter pencils

Get the magic wand pencils from Fantasy Island.
Get the engraved pencils here.

3. Quid-Ditch the candy and make these Golden Snitch Cake Pops for the class to celebrate Halloween! 

golden snitch cake pops

Get the recipe with step by step instructions from Create-Celebrate-Explore.

4. Grab the Magic Sorting Hat to see which house your students belong in, then welcome them with these bookmarks.

harry potter bookmarks

Snag the bookmarks here.

5. Or have your students make their own bookmarks!

DIY harry potter bookmark

Get the dimensions here.

6. Create the best Dumble-Door ever. 

harry potter classroom decoration

We're sure you'll easily win first place for the best-decorated classroom in the school!

7. Help prevent your students from getting lost with this garden sign! 

harry potter

Just make sure they don't spend all their time in Hogsmeade.

8. Keep your students away from your desk with these Post-It Note Monster Books!

harry potter monster decorations

Get these monsters from Drowsy Aurora.

9. Manage the classroom with this Magical Behavior Chart!

harry potter themed classroom behavior chart

Grab this amazing clip chart from The Reading Buddies.

10. Keep a jar of Jelly Slugs on your desk and reward your students when they're on their best behavior.

harry potter themed classroom treats

We would love a slug or two!

11. What's a better way to appreciate Hogwarts than with a beautiful bulletin board of the school?

Harry potter themed classroom Bulletin Board

Check out the rest of The Reading Buddies' classroom here!

So what are you waiting for? Slyther-In to the Hogwarts Express to catch a ride to the nearest craft store. Happy decorating and enjoy your experience at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

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