3 Simple Steps to Buying Classroom Book Sets

3 Simple Steps to Buying Classroom Book Sets

By Elizabeth Lee , Jul 19th 2016

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New year, new classroom book sets!

A new academic year calls for new books. The problem is — between deciding on the titles to teach, deciding where to purchase classroom book sets while staying in budget, and making sure your books arrive on time and to the correct locations — acquiring classroom books isn't as simple as it should be.

... Or is it? Follow our step-by-step, stress-free guide (complete with additional resources!) to get books for your school or school district.

3 steps to getting new books for back to school:


1. Decide on Your Curriculum

The sky's the limit! Don't worry about whether you want the book in hardcover or paperback, or what the price is. Instead, focus on the lessons you want to teach with the books and the units you need to cover. From there, create a list of the 10–20 titles you would like to teach in your class this year.

Need some help deciding? Check out the following resources as your guide on titles to incorporate into your curriculum:

– BookPal's Free 2016–2017 Education Catalogs
– International Literacy Association's Teachers' Choices 2016 Reading List
– We Are Teachers' Building Your Classroom Library Series: K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12

2. Refine Your List

Now that you have a tangible list to work with, do a little research to figure out exactly what you need. Ask the following questions:

1. Are there titles that teach the same lessons? Which books can I eliminate?
2. Do I already have resources to teach these books? If not, can I easily obtain teaching material?
3. Which editions of these books do I want? Which will fit within my budget? (Pro tip: Make sure you have the correct ISBN number!)

By the end of the refining process, you should have a more narrow list of titles and, ideally, ISBNs you wish to procure for your school.

3. Find a Bulk Book Seller

Things are always cheaper when you buy them in bulk! Books are no exception and often times, classroom book sets are exactly what you need for your school. Purchase books in bulk for your school or district so that an entire class can read along together. From placing the order to getting all the books to arrive on time and to the right places, BookPal can coordinate all of this for you. We specialize in helping schools across the country provide students with the books they need to learn and succeed — and we're confident we can help yours!

Don't just take our word for it. Click here to learn about the books that our customers have chosen for their educational programs and how they used them.

Get ready for back to school with BookPal!

Start mapping out your reading curriculum today with BookPal's 2016–2017 Education Catalogs. Packed with over 100 title suggestions categorized by grade level, these catalogs highlight today's most popular and trending books for you to consider for your school. Get your free catalogs by clicking on the banner below:

2016 books for the classroom

This post was written by Elizabeth Lee, the marketing associate at BookPal. She is currently reading The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin and The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.

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