4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have a Book Club

4 Reasons Why Your Company Should Have a Book Club

By Megan Habel , Apr 8th 2016

why start a company book club

Learn why you should seriously consider starting a book club for your company.

So you’re thinking that it might be good to get your employees to read more? Great! You might be wondering what you should do next. Well, one of the easiest and most efficient ways to get everyone at your company reading is to start a book club! Here are four reasons why a company book club simply makes sense for any business or organization that wants to grow and succeed.

Having a company book club...

1. Increases cross-departmental communication.

You might be a part of a large organization or you might be in a small start-up, but regardless of company size, everyone has their own unique role and skill set. Because of this, people tend to see only a select group of people every day, whether the group consists of members of their department or other employees who sit near their desks. Though it’s important that department team members grow together, companies ultimately need to make sure all of their employees grow together. Since some departments don’t interact or communicate with one another regularly, give them the opportunity to do so! By connecting on a more personal level in a book club, you create new avenues for cross-departmental growth and communication.

2. Shows your employees that you care about them and their growth.

By providing employees with a copy of a brand new or relevant book, you’re showing them that you value their personal and professional development. Books are pretty much everlasting gifts that can be kept for years and used time and time again. Your employees will appreciate the fact that you're giving them an inspiring story to read as well as the opportunity to discuss the story with fellow employees.

3. Increases innovation and sparks new ideas.

Some people might claim to know everything, but they really don’t — no one does. Even if you choose a book that some of the members have read before, there’s always an opportunity to gain new insight. The right book can inspire employees to think about new ideas and approaches that will help your business stay competitive and grow.

4. Creates a fun bonding experience!

At the end of the day, book clubs are fun. Whether you choose a business-oriented book or a creative fiction title, people will enjoy reading your selection during their free time. Your employees will also enjoy the opportunity to meet with coworkers during business hours and share their thoughts on the book. Getting people together in a carefree setting is sure to incite laughs and encourage a positive exchange of ideas. As you're scheduling the book club meeting, remember that it’s  essential to give employees a little breathing room from their busy days. Pro tip: don’t forget to throw in some snacks! What’s a book club without great snacks?

Ready to start a book club for your company?

While you might be worried about all the work involved with creating a book club – don’t fret! Our "How to Start and Manage a Company Book Club" white paper will help you get your company book club up and running in no time. Click the banner below to download the white paper:


This post was written by Sydney Moorhead, the catalog specialist at BookPal. She is currently reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and Looking for Alaska by John Green.

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