5 Essential Resources for Back to School

5 Essential Resources for Back to School

By Elizabeth Lee , Aug 4th 2014

Owl-on-bookshelfSchool is almost back in session and BookPal wants to help you get ready!! Check out these five different Back to School resources to prepare teachers for the new school year:

1) 31 Incredible Bulletin Boards for Back To School

Need to spruce up your classroom this year? These incredible bulletin boards will make your kids proud to be in your class! You can make these displays as fun as you want (create a Wall of Happiness or a life-sized scrabble board!), and even turn a list of names into a creative showcase!

2) 36 Ways to Decorate your Classroom

The classroom is essentially your second home during the school year, so why not go the extra mile and decorate it? There are so many simple DIY projects you can take on, like making your own bunting and turning a ladder into an easel. These projects will save you money and really jazz up your classroom!

3) 25 Smart Classroom Hacks

This roundup of classroom hacks may seem simple, but really go a long way when it comes to managing your classroom! Using binder clips to label your shelves instead of stickers lets you label all your shelves, even if they're thin ones, and other hacks like putting paint in squeeze ketchup saves you all the mess that comes with using paint.

4) 29 Clever Organization Tricks for Teachers

The best way to combat the chaos of the elementary school classroom is to be organized at the get-go. With all the school supplies you have on hand, boxes and bins are your best friend! Being organized and tidy at the start of back to school season makes your classroom much more efficient.

5) Back to School Savings with BookPal!

Every week in August, we will be featuring a special offer for our customers! This week's discount will help you get class sets of books at even better rates than ever before. Get $15 off orders of $150 or more, or get $30 off orders of $250 or more when you purchase your educational books wholesale this year! Click here to access your coupon codes.

BookPal is dedicated to helping teachers, reading programming administrators and educators purchase classroom book sets, wholesale textbooks and other books in bulk. Browse our back to school recommendations now!

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