5 Reasons to Go Green at Work

5 Reasons to Go Green at Work

By Michelle Drucker , Apr 20th 2015

5 reasons to go green at work - BookPal

See Chris Goodall's top 5 reasons to go green at work

Today marks the beginning of Earth Week, a week-long celebration of environmental awareness. Being environmentally aware is important throughout the year, but now is the perfect time for your business to step back and reevaluate how your company affects planet Earth. Going green is undoubtedly good for business, but here are the top 5 reasons to go green at work, according to The Green Guide for Business by Chris Goodall:

1. Reduce costs

Even though the initial cost may be high, investing in more eco-friendly energy sources and materials will save you money in the long run.

2. Grow staff loyalty and improve recruitment

Not all staff members will be passionate about the environment. The select few who are, however, will be significantly more engaged and dedicated to your business if they see that the company is considerate of its impact on the environment.

3. Secure loyalty from customers

A recent trend that has emerged is that more and more customers are demanding their suppliers show a verifiable commitment to green behavior. Business buyers are also more aware of how environmental friendliness correlates with branding and their public image.

4. Understand supply chains and the way your products are used

By being more environmentally aware, you will have a deeper understanding of how your products are made and used. If your products require high amounts of energy or material to produce, your suppliers may be unable to meet your needs in the long run. If your products have high maintenance costs, your buyers are also less likely to purchase again.

5. Take advantage of new product development and new market opportunities

Sustainable business is a rapidly growing market. Being in this market gives your company opportunity for exponential growth.


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