6 Best TED Talks on Storytelling & What We Can Learn from Them

6 Best TED Talks on Storytelling & What We Can Learn from Them

By Elizabeth Lee , Aug 26th 2015

“The art of storytelling can drive change.” — Richard Branson

Stories have the power to inform, illuminate, and inspire. But why is storytelling so effective and how can you apply this invaluable skill in your business and your life? We've rounded up our favorite TED talks on storytelling to inspire change in your life:

1. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on The Danger of a Single Story:

2. Malcolm Gladwell on The Unheard Story of David and Goliath:

3. Tracy Chevalier on Finding the Story Inside the Painting:

4. Kirby Ferguson on Embrace the Remix:

5. Joe Sabia on The Technology of Storytelling:

6. Elizabeth Gilbert on Your Elusive Creative Genius:

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