6 Must-Try Presidents' Day Activities & Crafts

6 Must-Try Presidents' Day Activities & Crafts

By Elizabeth Lee , Feb 16th 2015

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Presidents' Day is one of the most patriotic celebrations of the year! Use this week to do a few unique activities with your class that honor the life of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and all the other presidents that have served our country. BookPal has compiled 6 fun activities and crafts for your class to try this year:

1. Take a Virtual Tour of the White House

white house

Go on a virtual field trip with your class by turning on the big screen — the projector, that is! This interactive tour lets you explore the West Wing, Residence, East Wing and South Lawn of the White House.

2. Are you taller than Abraham Lincoln?

abraham lincoln

An excellent introduction to a measurement unit, Kacey from the Doodle Bugs Teaching blog shares her 6-feet-tall Abraham Lincoln poster. Make one yourself and encourage yours students to see how they measure up to this tall president!

3. Munch on Gingerbread Cookies

gingerbread man cookies

Share the story of Abraham Lincoln and his gingerbread cookies while munching on some of your own! Students will love getting free treats to eat during class time while learning more about America's 16th president.

4. Work on a President's Day Biography Report Project

kids in school

Have your students practice their researching, note taking, writing and creativity with a biography report project. Scholastic Teachers offers a great step-by-step project idea that also helps you curate displayable projects for the classroom!

5. Learn about Coins

american coins

Presidents' Day is the perfect time to start your unit on coins! Have students bring in loose change and learn to identify them. There are tons of activities you can do to learn about coins, but The U.S. Mint has a great informational and interactive website to get you started.

6. Read Books About Presidents!

books about presidents day

There's no better way to celebrate the presidents than by learning about them. We put together the bestselling and most popular Presidents' Day books for kids on this special bookshelf. Fun and educational, these books are a perfect addition to the classroom.

How are you celebrating President's Day? Share your ideas, thoughts and activities with us by leaving a comment below!

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