7 Gift Books for Graduates of All Ages

7 Gift Books for Graduates of All Ages

By Elizabeth Lee , Apr 18th 2017

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Find a gift book for graduates that perfectly commemorates the occasion.

Whether graduating from Kindergarten, high school, or college, your graduates deserve to be celebrated. What better gift to give than a book for graduates that they can keep forever and read as many times as they'd like?

7 gift books that make great graduation gifts:

1. If You Hold a Seed by Elly MacKay

if you hold a seed

A beautiful picture book on the magic of growing and blossoming, this title is perfect for readers ages 3 and older. Remind your students of the importance of never giving up. Give them this children's book to hold onto for years to come!


2. Only One You by Linda Kranz

only one you

"There's only one you in this great big world. Make it a better place." Fish Adri's mama and papa tell their son, and eager readers everywhere, about the wisdom they have gained through the years. Colorful and honest, this book will inspire children of all ages as they swim through life.


3. Way More Than Luck by Chronicle Books

way more than luck

Commencement speeches are some of the most popular public speeches of our time. This book is an anthology of some of the most popular of this genre, featuring the words of cultural and literary figures including David Foster Wallace, author of Infinite Jest; Michael Lewis, author of Flash Boys; and Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter.


4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey

7 habits of highly effective teens

What if you had a roadmap, a step-by-step guide to figuring out how to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future? This is that roadmap. Sean Covey advises teens on how to improve their self-image, resist peer pressure, and achieve their goals while building friendships and getting along (better) with parents. A great book for middle school and high school graduates, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens will help parents, teachers, adults, and counselors impart wisdom that will stand the test of time.


5. Lean In for Graduates by Sheryl Sandberg

lean in for graduates

Graduates face unique challenges upon leaving college and university. Lean In for Graduates includes new chapters on finding your first job, negotiating your salary, and understanding what "leaning in" for millennials truly means. This edition of Sheryl Sandberg's #1 best seller, Lean In, is a great gift book for graduates!


6. A Life Well Played by Arnold Palmer

a life well played

He may not be a record holder for most tournament victories, but no one has won more fans from around the world or had a bigger impact on the sport of golf than Arnold Palmer. This isn't just another autobiography. A Life Well Played is a great gift book for graduates, a treasure trove of insights on how to find success in business, build relationships, and live a meaningful life.


7. Jesus Calling for Graduates by Sarah Young

jesus calling for graduates

Graduation is a major life transition and during times like these, of unknown next steps, it becomes even more crucial to listen to God's words. Learn how to discern God's will, figure out your identity, and understand your worth with 150 devotionals — written specifically for graduates! This book is a great gift book for graduates from theology schools.


How are you celebrating graduation with your new graduates? Share your story by leaving a comment below.

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This post was written by Elizabeth Lee, the marketing manager at BookPal. She is currently reading Turn the Ship Around by L. David Marquet and The Evil Hours by David J. Morris.

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