9 Easy Ways to Be Fully Charged at Work

9 Easy Ways to Be Fully Charged at Work

By Michelle Drucker , May 26th 2015

Are you fully charged?

Tom Rath, NY Times best-selling business author and founder of the popular Strengthsfinder personality assessment, strikes again with his latest book Are You Fully Charged? This quick and insightful read teaches the reader the 3 keys to becoming fully charged at work and in life: meaning, interaction, and energy. Here are 9 suggestions from this book on how to be fully charged at work:


Key #1: Meaning

pursue meaning

1) Pursue meaning instead of happiness. Having meaning in your life actually reduces stress, whereas happiness does not.

2) Focus on intrinsic motivation (such as improving the lives of others, providing a service, or creating something new). Focusing on external incentives (such as money and awards) actually decreases performance in the workplace.

3) Put purpose before busyness. Understand the difference between activity and progress.


Key #2: Interaction

everyday interactions

4) Always assume good intent. Next time you get frustrated with someone, remember that you never truly know their situation.

5) Be 80% positive and 20% negative in any given day. It's healthy to have small spurts of negative thoughts but aim to focus on good things 80% of the time.

6) Pay attention to your coworkers! Believe it or not, a lack of attention has a worse effect on people than negative attention.


Key #3: Energy

energy are you fully charged

7) Track your movements. Studies prove that people who measure their movement actually move more every day.

8) Maintain a healthy balance of carbohydrates to proteins. Tom recommends no more than a 5-to-1 carbs to proteins ratio.

9) Sleep in! Contrary to popular belief, sleeping more actually makes you more productive. People who don't get enough sleep function less efficiently at work.


Now ask yourself, are you fully charged? If not, then it's time to get started!


About the Book

are you fully charged

Drawing on the latest research from business, economics and psychology, Are You Fully Charged? explores the changes we can make to create better days for ourselves and others. Rath's new book will challenge you to stop pursuing happiness and, instead, start creating meaning. Find out why you need to rethink your daily interactions with the people who matter most and put your health first in order to be the best you can be, every day. In the fashion of his other popular business books (Strengthsfinder 2.0, Eat Move Sleep and How Full is Your Bucket), Are You Fully Charged? is a great tool for companies — both big and small — to incorporate into employee onboarding programs and corporate training seminars.

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