9 Egg-cellent Easter Crafts for the Classroom

9 Egg-cellent Easter Crafts for the Classroom

By Elizabeth Lee , Mar 5th 2016

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Hop over to the nearest craft store, Easter is right around the corner!

Spring is almost here and you know what that means – Easter! What better way to celebrate the new season than with some crafts for the classroom? If you're looking for fun and creative crafts, look no further. Check out these 9 incredibly easy easter-themed crafts for you and your students!
1. DIY Easter Hats & Masks
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These paper hats and masks are quick and easy! After you're done, your students can wear them for the rest of the day (if they so choose). For more ideas and tutorials, visit The Organised Housewife.
2. Popsicle Stick Puzzles
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Have your students paint their own puzzles with this craft! Then, let them swap puzzles with their classmates to see who can complete their puzzle the fastest. Get the tutorial here!
3. Decorate Plastic Eggs
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Come up with new and inventive ways to decorate plastic eggs! Instead of using boiled eggs (which can get messy), try out these creative crafts. Get the tutorial for the caterpillar from Artzy Creations and the Minion eggs from Tidbits & Twine.
4. Thumbprint Cards
Easter 4

These simple, minimalistic cards are perfect gifts for parents. This cute craft avoids the usual mess of glitter and paint from arts & crafts time! Get the step-by-step instructions from Sarahndipities.
5. Water Color Window Decorations
Easter 5

All you need for this beautiful craft is a white crayon and some water color paint. Get the tutorial from Crafty Morning.
6. Bunny Pudding Cups

Come on, who can resist a chocolate bunny? Make these adorable pudding cups to reward your students with at the end of the day for being superstars! Get the tutorial from This Girl's Life Blog.
7. Finger Painting Easter Baskets
Easter 6

Now this one may get a little messy, but who wouldn't want to take home one of these beautifully bright Easter baskets? This craft is a great way to give the kids creative freedom to decorate their baskets any way they want to! Get the free printable basket here.
8. Silhouette Bunny Cards
Easter 8

Thi simple DIY craft is quite beautiful! Make these silhouette bunnies for students to take home and give to a friend. Get the step by step tutorial from Katie's Crochet Goodies & Crafts.
9. Potato Stamps
Easter 9

This not-so-average Easter stamp is fun and creative. Slice potatoes in half and create your own Easter egg designs for your students to decorate with. You get to save money and the kids get to try something new! Get the directions from Crafty Morning.

Whether your choose to do something simplistic and clean, or fun and messy, there are tons of crafts for you and your students to enjoy. What are you planning to do with your class to celebrate Easter and springtime? Share your story with us by leaving a comment below!

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