Book Madness Round #2: The Round of Upsets!

Book Madness Round #2: The Round of Upsets!

By Elizabeth Lee , Mar 26th 2015

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See all the exciting upsets of the most recent round of BookPal’s book-themed bracket, Book Madness!

Both the NCAA Basketball Tournament and the inaugural BookPal Book Madness Tournament is down to its final 16 teams! The Regional Semifinals start today for both of them, so we’re recapping the previous round for everyone again.

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Least Surprising:

All of the #1 seeds advanced. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, The Cat in the Hat, A Tale of Two Cities and The Great Gatsby were all able to stroll through the Second Round. The #2 seed in the Rowling Region, To Kill a Mockingbird, also advanced fairly easily.

Biggest Upsets:

This round was plagued with upsets — absolute pandemonium. High-seeded books were falling left and right! There are no more #3’s left (The Hunger Games, Curious George, Romeo and Juliet and A Farewell to Arms); all of them fell in this round. We also saw two #2’s fall to #10’s! In the Hemingway Region, #10 The Lord of the Flies dusted up #2 The Grapes of Wrath in a close matchup. Our biggest upset of the round came from the Seuss Region when #10 The Very Hungry Caterpillar devoured #2 Where the Wild Things Are. We didn’t see that one coming!

Biggest Margin of Victory

There were two large margins of victory this round, and both of them were… you guessed it… upsets! The first came in the Rowling Region, when #3 The Hunger Games fell to #6 The Giver. The second occurred in the Seuss Region as #6 The Giving Tree knocked off #3 Curious George. Both winners completed their victories with an astounding 16-vote margin!

Most Exciting Matchup:

The most exciting matchup occurred in the Seuss Region as #4 Goodnight Moon took on #5 Charlotte’s Web. With a score of 25-21, Charlotte’s Web took the victory in yet another… say it with me… upset!

Matchups We’re Most Excited For In The Regional Semifinal Round:

In the first Regional Semifinal matchup of the Rowling Region, we’ll see if #13 Where the Red Fern Grows can continue its Cinderella run against #1 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. In the Seuss Region, #6 The Giving Tree has won its first two matchups by scores of 17-2 and 18-2. Can #10 The Very Hungry Caterpillar finally give it a worthy matchup?

Once again, we thank all of the voters who participated our second round. Continue to join in the fun and vote during the Round of 16!

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This post was written by Joe Heathcott, a sales manager at BookPal. He enjoys following college basketball, watching Parks and Recreation and spending time with his family. He has recently read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Paddle Your Own Canoe by Nick Offerman. But most importantly, he is the mastermind that inspired BookPal’s 1st annual Book Madness book bracket.

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