Book Release of the Week: Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton

Book Release of the Week: Hard Choices by Hillary Clinton

By Michelle Drucker , Jun 13th 2014

hard choicesHillary Clinton's new book Hard Choices is a hot topic for discussion in the political world. The book is an autobiographical account of her time at the State Department. After losing the Presidential Election to Obama in 2008, Clinton had no intentions to work for the Obama administration until the President asked her to serve as the Secretary of State. Despite her reluctance to accept, she reasoned, "When your President asks you to serve, you should say yes."

America's 67th Secretary of State, Hillary discusses both her wins and her losses, the things she did right and the things she wishes she had done better. She even addresses the thoughts behind her actions in regards to the Benghazi incident in 2012, a rather controversial topic that Hillary still gets heat for from her critics.

One of Clinton's overarching themes is her use of "smart power", a combination of hard power and soft power strategies, when it came to making important political decisions.

This memoir is guaranteed to peak your political interest. Check out our New Releases in bulk for more buzzworthy books!

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