Book Release of the Week: Life by the Cup

Book Release of the Week: Life by the Cup

By Elizabeth Lee , Jul 16th 2014

Life by the Cup wholesaleStraight from the founder of Zhena's Gypsy Tea Company herself, Life by the Cup: Ingredients for a Purpose-Filled Life of Bottomless Happiness and Limitless Success is an encouraging story of audacity, hardship and hope. Published today, June 17, by Atria Books, the new book recounts Zhena Muzyka's journey into finding a meaningful life as the founder of a company that strives to benefit wellbeing, supports humanitarian efforts and helps the environment.

Muzyka's life was not always as bright as it is today. When she was 24, she was a single mom facing the responsibility of raising a young son in need of life-saving surgery. With only six dollars in her wallet, hope in her heart, a love of tea and a vision of sharing wonderful organic teas with the entire world, Muzyka began to sell custom tea blends from a cart on the street corners of California. By combining her gypsy grandmother's teachings with her own knowledge of aromatherapy, the future founder of today's multimillion-dollar brand began pursuing her dreams. Now, thirteen years later, her son has regained his health and her company is a well-known, purpose-driven and thriving fair-trade brand.

In 288 pages, Zhena's Gypsy Tea Company founder shares inspirational life lessons, one of her signature tea blends and a tea-based dessert recipe with the world. Her message is simple: be audacious, follow your dreams and commit to your values, and you will see your passion transformed into a real possibility.

Life by the Cup is an encouraging book that will inspire men and women all over the world with its thoughtful insights and gentle narrative. We recommend this book as a gift for businesswomen and mothers, as well as those interested in personal growth and entrepreneurship. BookPal, the leading wholesale book distributor, is your best resource for buying books in bulk. You can purchase Life by the Cup wholesale and other similar wholesale books through our website with a minimum quantity book purchase order of 25 copies.


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