Book Release of the Week: The Mockingbird Next Door (Life with Harper Lee)

Book Release of the Week: The Mockingbird Next Door (Life with Harper Lee)

By Elizabeth Lee , Jul 10th 2014

the mockingbird next door
For the last 50 years, Harper Lee, the widely celebrated author of To Kill a Mockingbird, has kept herself off the record. Long ago, she left the spotlight behind her, and though she continues to write, she never published another book. Many journalists have tried, but none have succeeded in getting an interview with the writer -- that is until Chicago Tribune journalist Marja Mills stepped into Monroeville, Alabama. In her upcoming nonfiction book, The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee published with Penguin Press, Mills shares what she learned about the Lees' upbringing in the Deep South, her relationship with Truman Capote, how the publication of To Kill a Mockingbird changed her life, and why the author decided to never publish another novel after Mockingbird.

Mills first became acquainted with Alice and Nelle Harper Lee in 2001, and by 2004, with the Lees' blessing, Mills moved into the home next to them. Over the next 18 months there, as a result of their growing friendship, Mills was accepted into the Lee sisters' lives. As she shared a cup of coffee at McDonalds with Nelle and fed ducks with the Lees, Mills became a part of Lee's circle of friends by bonding with the two over a shared love of history, literature, ethical journalism and the Southern way of life.

Because of the reclusive nature of Harper Lee, Mills' account is expected to be widely read across the nation and overseas. This book is suggested for community reading programs, book clubs and other literary education organizations. You can purchase this book in bulk at BookPal is a wholesale book distributor that sells over 3 million books and eBooks in bulk (minimum quantity book order of 25 is required). For all your buying books in bulk needs, BookPal is dedicated to finding wholesale books at a discounted price for you.


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