Books for Your Company's Bring Your Child to Work Day

Books for Your Company's Bring Your Child to Work Day

By Megan Habel , Mar 15th 2018

Bring Your Child to Work Day

Make Bring Your Child to Work Day one your kids won't forget!

Every year on the fourth Thursday in April, companies across America open their doors to the children of their employees. Bring Your Child to Work Day is a great way to expose children to the workplace and encourage a deeper bond between parent and child. This year, Bring Your Child to Work Day is April 26. Prepare for the little ones to come to the office with these fun work-inspired books.

1. Helping Hands Series (bilingual) by Georgie Birkett

Helping Hands

The four books in this series depict the importance of completing tasks. Encourage your kids to develop new skills and share the fun of grown-up activities!

2. Clive's Jobs Series by Jessica Spanyol

Clive's Jobs

Clive enjoys pretending to have different jobs. Follow along as he pretends to be a librarian, a nurse, a teacher, and a waiter.

3. Frankly, Frannie Series by A.J. Stern

Frankly Frannie

Frannie isn't like other girls her age. She loves offices and would like nothing more than to have a real job. From radio host to food critic to principal, Frannie experiments with all sorts of jobs, and hilarity ensues.

4. Jobs People Do by Thea Feldman

Jobs People Do

From the farm to the city, and from the office to the stage, this book explores both the familiar jobs kids see every day like teachers and grocers, as well as more unusual jobs like astronauts and dancers.

5. Mom and Dad Go to Work! by Alessandra Psacharopulo

Mom and Dad Go to Work

Every child wants to know: what do mom and dad do all day? Kids can come along and see, with this entertaining board book that introduces a variety of professions.

6. The World of Work by Silvie Sana and Milan Starý

The World of Work

With lively, colorful illustrations, this book helps curious children discover a variety of jobs. Covering nearly 300 professions, each chapter focuses on a different work environment and provides basic information about regular and less-traditional jobs.


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This post was written by Megan Habel, the marketing associate at BookPal. She is currently reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle.

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