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Gift Your Favorite Stories: Tote Bags, Bookmarks, and More!

Posted by Sophie Butler on Jul 10, 2024

Gift Your Favorite Stories: Tote Bags, Bookmarks, and More!

Calling all book enthusiasts! We are absolutely over the moon to announce our latest and greatest addition to… a collection of bookish gifts, for all book lovers! BookPal has partnered with Out of Print (an imprint of Penguin Random House) to add some literary flair to our inventory of books with their tote bags, bookmarks, and pouches – all at our discounted wholesale pricing.

Out of Print has been spreading the joy of reading since 2010 by turning its beloved titles into stylish apparel and accessories. Now you can find these products on our website, perfect gifts for book lovers in your life.

These new products are not just gifts, they’re perfect book companions. Imagine the joy on a new employee’s face when they receive a book tote bag during onboarding. Or a teacher receiving a unique pouch to hold their supplies every day. These gifts are more than just items; they're a celebration of the love for reading that brings us all together.

Designed with readers in mind, these products allow bookworms of all ages to wear their favorite stories and share their passion for reading. So without further ado… time to introduce you to the new lineup of products! 

Tote Bags

These tote bags allow readers to showcase their favorite stories and share their love of reading every day. They are perfect to hold new onboarding books and paperwork. Or for a teacher to fill them up with their class must haves! Tote bags make the joy of gifting books complete. Crafted from durable materials this book tote bag can stand up to everyday adventures while showcasing some literary flair. Each tote is a conversation starter, letting your employees, teachers, and loved ones share their love of books and continuous learning with the world.


Have your book lovers hold their stationary in style with these book themed pouches! Allow your team or loved ones to showcase their favorite stories and share their love of reading every day. Smaller than the tote bag, a book pouch makes the perfect accessory to hold stationary or small everyday essentials. Everyone can use a pouch and what better way to add a smile to your employees’ or teachers’ days than with these that make a perfect addition to any bookworm’s collection.


Are you ready to have the bookworms in your lives’ faces light up every time they open their books? Get ready to spread the joy of reading through these unique bookmarks for books, which transform literary favorites into stylish and practical accessories. These bookmarks make the perfect gifts for employees, teachers, and everyone in between. And with them starting at just $2.48 the little extra addition to their book can go a long way. Add to their love of learning and show your organization’s values with this small but meaningful gift.

We are so excited for you to dive into this new collection of book lover gifts for yourself and the people in your life. If you need help finding the perfect book companion for your employee gifts, teacher gifts, or anything in between we would love to help! You can request a quote to be connected directly to one of our dedicated account managers. Or if you are having a hard time deciding (Trust us we know there are lots of cute ones to choose from) be sure to check out our full collection on our new and improved bookish gifts catalog! Get ready to make every reading journey a little more magical.