How To Find Great Deals on Bulk Books

How To Find Great Deals on Bulk Books

By Tony DiCostanzo , Apr 5th 2013

When educators, military offices, government agencies, businesses or non-profits need multiple copies of a single book title- what are their options for easy shopping? These days organizations have a multitude of choices to choose from when buying large quantities of books, from big retail discounters like Wal-Mart, Target, Costco & Sam’s Club to small local book stores and endless online stores. With so many options, how can you decide?

You can try to go straight to the publisher, but that requires a great deal legwork since publishers traditionally sell to book stores, online resellers like BookPal, or big book chains like Barnes & Noble. Another option to try would be a general online retailer that discounts or resells used books like The issue there is that generally they negotiate on a per copy price not on multiple copies of the same title. So then you have the headache of ordering from multiple sellers- private and small companies and then tracking those packages from multiple shipping locations! What a hassle!

What BookPal has done is create a way for organizations such as educators, non-profits, military offices and government agencies to access discounts based on the bulk amount of books purchased and ship them for one low flat rate directly from our warehouse or the publisher’s. This process is easier, more streamlined and definitely more cost and time-efficient.

Aside from simplifying the process of buying books at one low price in large quantities, BookPal offers other great features including book customization for gifts, bulk discounts when ordering in conjunction with another organization, and always low, fast shipping. And since BookPal maintains great relationships with all the publishers for the books, they are never out of stock because any title can be shipped directly from the publisher’s warehouse! What online discounter can claim that?! Buying wholesale Dr. Seuss books, for example, used to be a huge hassle- but now offers you convenient shopping options for all the books you want, at deep discounts. Remember, buying in bulk doesn’t have to be a huge inconvenience anymore, take advantage of the easiest way to shop for large quantities of books right here on

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