How to Prepare Your Classroom for Thanksgiving

How to Prepare Your Classroom for Thanksgiving

By Elizabeth Lee , Oct 29th 2015

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Thanksgiving Activities for the Classroom!

Kick off the Thanksgiving season with a bang. We know that around the holidays, the attention spans of students tends to shorten quite a bit, so why not entertain them with some Thanksgiving activities for the classroom? Here are some suggested steps to prepare your classroom for Thanksgiving:


STEP 1: Decorate!

Door displays are adorable, but typically very time consuming. Speed up the process  by involving your students in the project!  Have them vote on a fall theme and participate in the creation. This is a great exercise in creativity, crafting, and teamwork. Everyone entering your classroom may feel a little more joyful due to your fun seasonal display.


STEP 2: Add a Thankful Tree to Your Classroom

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We could all use a little reminder here and there of all that we have to be thankful for. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, make a Thankful Tree or Wreath and proudly display it in the classroom!

Download printable appreciation leaves here and find the wreath DIY here.


STEP 3: Make Tasty Snacks!

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Create turkey snack packs for students to eat or share. Ask a few students to volunteer to bring in popcorn and goldfish. Then all you need are clear plastic gloves and string.

Find the turkeys bag instructions here.


STEP 4: Play Fall Games

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Games are a great way to lighten up any lesson plan. Find the Scavenger Hunt here, the Alphabet Game here, and Fall Bingo here.


STEP 5: Read a Story About the Thanksgiving Season

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Here are a few great titles we think you will want to share with your classroom this fall! You can never go wrong with a great story.

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie
'Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving
Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit
Pumpkin Soup
The Thanksgiving Story

Get free printable gift tags for Thanksgiving!

Planning on putting together little gift bags for your students? Use our free printable gift tags to save you the hassle! BookPal's Back to School Printables features gift tags for all the holidays (and birthdays) you'll encounter during the school year. Also included are pre-made name plates and bookmarks, as well as fun owl-themed coloring page templates!

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This post was written by Lissie Dimond, a customer service associate at BookPal. She enjoys camping, writing a blog of her own, and crafting of any kind. She is currently reading Yes, Please by Amy Poehler.

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