How to Use Custom Journals With Your Logo

How to Use Custom Journals With Your Logo

By Shelly Leung , Aug 24th 2017

custom journals with logo

What can your company accomplish with custom journals with your logo? Plenty! You don't need to be a marketing genius to use them.

We previously raved about our Appeel Journals. Don't remember? Take a quick peek here. Now that you understand our love for our sustainable journals, we want to show you what you can do with custom journals with your logo. Yes, you can add your organization's personal branding and do it all!

When Your Company Does Employee Onboarding or Training

custom journals with logo for onboarding

Even the most technologically advanced companies like IBM have their employees take notes with pen on paper! Are you surprised? We aren't. Check out this infographic on why analog note-taking beats typed notes. A lot of our clients tell us that their onboarding processes and employee training go more smoothly when participants use custom journals. Employees will always have somewhere specific to take notes rather than on loose pieces of paper. With our custom journals with your logo, your employees can feel a sense of pride and belonging even before the onboarding process begins. They are prepared even before training begins.

When You're Hosting an Event

event custom journals with logo

Are you hosting a talk? Have you set up a professional gathering of all the influencers in your industry? You've meticulously booked an awe-inspiring venue capable of hosting an immense number. You've invited a brilliant, eloquent speaker who's vision is in line with your branding. What are you missing? Why isn't your network growing? Why aren't influencers remembering your company? The answer: they have nothing to remind them of the event — nothing that linked your successful event to your company AFTER everything ends. Give them a custom journal with your logo – something that will trigger a positive association with your company long after the event.

When You Need Powerful Marketing Materials

home depot custom journal with logo

custom journals with logo for branding

Are you trying to get your brand out into the vastly competitive world? Are you getting lost amongst competitors? Sure, you could do what companies have been doing for years and give out pens with your company's logo on them. But, when prospects have something to write with, they need something to write on! A custom journal with your logo is a great way to introduce your brand to potential clients. With a tipped in page that addresses all their questions, clients will see that your company is responsible and reliable. A custom journal keeps you at the top of their minds.

When Your Want to Send Your Clients or Employees A Memorable "Thank You!"

custom journals with logo as thank you

A custom journal with your logo is a great way to stay at the top of your clients' minds. It's a memorable gift, and you can even add a kind, handwritten note to thank them for their time and business. It's that easy to create a loyal client who will come back again and again. They'll know you care, and they'll be reminded of the wonderful client experience you provide every time they use their custom journals.


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This post was written by Shelly Leung, the marketing associate at BookPal. She is currently reading Radical Candor by Kim Scott and Real Artists Don't Starve by Jeff Goins.

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