Read & Eat: 8 Book and Food Pairings That Will Inspire You

Read & Eat: 8 Book and Food Pairings That Will Inspire You

By Megan Habel , Aug 4th 2015

book and food pairings

These book and food pairings will inspire you both intellectually and gastronomically.

Looking to read something truly exciting and inspiring, while simultaneously enjoying a tasty treat? These books, from technology to cooking to business, will really get you thinking about what moves you. If you’re not sure which book to start with, try choosing the food you’re craving and take it from there!


Read Who Moved My Cheese? while snacking on a cheese plate.

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Change is hard. But paired with some good cheese and a book with lots of great tips and advice, the future doesn’t have to be so scary. This book will ensure you feel goud-a (get it, like the cheese?) and prepared for all the things to come, whether in business or in your personal life.


Read Matilda while indulging in chocolate cake.

matilda children's book in bulk

Who can forget the chocolate cake scene in the classic children’s book Matilda? Few literary scenes are more inspiring than when Bruce finishes the entire chocolate cake that the Trunchbull (a true villain) forces on him. You probably shouldn’t eat a whole chocolate cake by yourself in one sitting, but you can enjoy a piece or two while cheering Bruce on.


Read Humans of New York: Stories while having pizza and New York cheesecake for dessert.

humans of new york stories

If you’ve ever checked out the “Humans of New York” website or any of Brandon Stanton's other books (Humans of New York and Little Humans), you’re probably familiar with how personal and genuine his photo captions can be. Now you can get an in-depth look into the stories behind the people in the photos. To get in the true New York spirit, savor some classic New York food, like pizza and cheesecake, while you read!


Read Selp-Helf while eating a smiley face pancake.

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Miranda Sings has become a wildly popular YouTube star, amusing millions with her quirky personality. Now all you Miranda fans can follow in her footsteps, using her book full of “advice.” This humorous take on a self-help book will hopefully inspire you to not take life so seriously, which is why smiley face pancakes go perfectly with this book.


Read Eating Rome while dining on pasta.

eating rome book in bulk

Traveling and seeing a whole other world can be a truly inspiring experience. Not to mention, traveling means you get to try food that’s completely unique to the region. This cookbook will inspire you to try something new, or maybe create a dish that becomes your signature plate. You may even be inspired to get a plane ticket and see if what you create matches up with the chefs of this ancient city!


Read Your Baby's First Word Will Be Dada while trying some mashed bananas & milk.

your baby's first word will be dada children's book in bulk

Babies need inspiration too! Learning to talk is hard, so use this book written by comedian Jimmy Fallon to help your little one learn the way of words. And in between reading, they can enjoy a few bites of mashed bananas, peas , carrots — really anything as long as it’s mashed — and some milk!


Read Tuesdays with Morrie while sipping on a glass of hibiscus tea.

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This light and refreshing drink pairs well with the life advice offered by one of the main characters in this classic book, Morrie Schwartz. The withering hibiscus plant in the novel parallels Morrie’s life and his steady decline — hence why you should drink hibiscus tea. Hopefully you’ll walk away from this book thinking about those who have inspired your life so far and feeling a bit refreshed.


Read The Angel Answer Book while treating yourself to some angel food cake.

the angel answer book in bulk

Okay, maybe it’s a kind of obvious to pair a book about angels with angel food cake, but any excuse to eat cake is a good one, right? Enjoy the light airy cake — maybe with some strawberries and whip cream if you want to go the extra mile — while you dive into this easy to read book about the facts and myths behind angels.


Read Elon Musk while enjoying real space food (like Tang).

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Entrepreneur, and founder of revolutionary companies like PayPal and SpaceX, Elon Musk has a truly remarkable story. This biography on Musk details how he revolutionized the way we think about business and technology and affirms that movements of great change don’t come easily. To really feel like you’re a member of this technologically advanced 21st century, read while eating what the astronauts eat, like Tang, Dip n’ Dots, and anything else that can survive zero gravity.


What book & food pairings would you recommend? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


This post was written by Sydney Moorhead, a customer service associate at BookPal. She is currently reading Eat Move Sleep by Tom Rath and Stir by Jessica Fechtor.

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