Spring Read-Alouds for Your Classroom

Spring Read-Alouds for Your Classroom

By Elizabeth Lee , May 2nd 2017


Learn why and how you can improve your students' literacy skills with read-alouds.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to encourage your students (especially your youngest ones) to read more is to read with them. Having read-alouds builds language and literacy skills. Plus, it shows your students how important reading is— because you're spending valuable time reading a book together.

All picture books make great read-alouds, but we're highlighting just a few spring-themed titles for this season. So dim the lights, hit play, and enjoy the story with your students — and don't forget to discuss the narrative and what you all thought of the read-aloud afterward!

4 spring read-aloud titles that make great classroom book sets:

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

Chances are, you already have this title in your library. This children's book is a classic — and perfect for spring! Watch and listen to the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar read his story out loud. You'll hear exactly how the story was meant to be read. How incredible is that?

Eric Carle is the author of many unforgettable classic children's books. See his most loved titles here!


2. Clifford's Spring Clean-Up by Norman Bridwell

clifford's spring clean-up

Clifford the Big Red Dog is just too large to help Emily with some of her spring clean-up jobs. But, he's a great help outdoors on Earth Day! This story will teach your kids about the importance of Earth Day and share fun ways your classroom can celebrate the occasion!


3. Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses by James Dean

pete the cat and his magic sunglasses

This animated read aloud will wash away all the rainy day blues! Pete the Cat wakes up feeling grumpy, but with the help of some magic sunglasses, he learns to see the good all around him.



5. It's Spring by Samantha Berger and Pamela Chanko

it's spring

This short, sweet, and durable board book will get your students excited about the spring season. Join adorable animals as they spread the word about the return of spring. Full of bright, colorful illustrations, It's Spring will lift spirits and inspire giggles in no time!


What other books do you like to read aloud with your classroom? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


It may be spring, but summer's right around the corner!

This post was written by Elizabeth Lee, the marketing manager at BookPal. She is currently reading Turn the Ship Around by L. David Marquet and The Evil Hours by David J. Morris.

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