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Spring Spotlight Education Catalog 2024

Posted by BookPal Marketing Team on Mar 11, 2024

Spring Spotlight Education Catalog 2024

Explore the Top Education Books Releasing Spring 2024

Spring is in the air, and with it comes new budding books for your students! The BookPal Owls have had their eyes on what books are creating buzz in the industry and wanted to share some exciting new titles SPRINGing up soon!

From enchanting picture books that will spark imagination to thrilling middle school adventures and captivating young adult tales, our Spring Spotlight has something special for all your kiddos!

Whether it's for a classroom, library, or community program, this list of books contains multiple options that will inspire connection, learning, and growth. So without further ado, here are our 2024 spring spotlight titles!

Picture Book

Hope Is a Rainbow by Hoda Kotb 

What do you hope for? What do you dream about? Hope is a Rainbow is a beautifully illustrated, poetic journey teaching children the power of hope and dreaming big through everyday wonders. It’s an uplifting reminder of the magic found in optimism and the endless possibilities it can bring.

Sourgrass by Hope Lim

What do you do when your best friend moves away? This adorable story follows Sofia and May as they form an unbreakable bond over shared moments by their fence and discovering a field of wildflowers. But when May moves away, the two friends must find a way to keep their special friendship alive, no matter the distance.

Don’t Wash Winston by Ashley Belote 

We’ve all been there… A bit of a spill, an overenthusiastic leap, one mud pie too many, and OH NO! our beloved stuffed animal friend suddenly has to be…WASHED! This humorous and heartwarming tale allows anxious toy-protectors to gleefully follow along with Liam’s teddy-hiding plans, while also, in the end, leading them to the realization that sometimes it really is necessary for even the most beloved friend to be washed.

You Are Brave: A Book about Trying New Things by Margaret O’Hair and Sofia Sanchez 

Just because you are different, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed and share your gifts and passion with the world! That is the timely and important message in this book. This book helps readers learn their own self-worth and encourages kids to overcome obstacles by sticking up for themselves and others, trying new things, and showing the world how brave they are!

I Am More Than by Lebron James 

The legendary Lebron James makes another slam dunk with this adorable picture book. I Am More Than helps readers learn their own self-worth and encourages kids to overcome obstacles by sticking up for themselves and others, trying new things, and showing the world how brave they are!

We Want Our Books: Rosa’s Fight to Save the Library by Jake Alexander 

This stunningly beautiful book shows how any child has the power to change the world. When Rosa’s local library unexpectedly becomes closed, Rosa and her sister Maria try everything they can to bring the community together and fight to get back their precious library. A defiant, moving and joyful picture book about the power of protest and the importance and love of books.

Look by Gabi Snyder 

What can happen when you take a moment to see the world around you and all its beauty? The natural world is full of patterns to enjoy for those who can ground themselves, be mindful, and truly see. This lyrical, timely picture book with beautiful diorama illustrations shows that if you really look, you never know what the world might give you to see.

A Place For Feelings by Corey Ann Haydu 

In Mara’s very tidy town, there’s a perfect place for everything. But when Mara’s feelings are too wild, too messy, too much, where will they fit? This is a poetic picture book about what to do when your feelings are just too big to put somewhere and a gentle encouragement for young readers looking to find ways to share their feelings instead of keeping them hidden.

Built to Last by Minh Lê 

Get ready to enter the world of blocks, cardboard, and imagination. From boats attacked by a sea creature to a castle crumbling into the ocean. Meet two friends who think they’re building imaginative worlds but come to realize they’ve been building something far greater… a sturdy, solid friendship.

The Perfect Place by Matt De La Peña 

Lucas goes to the perfect school in the perfect neighborhood. But life at home is not so perfect. One night Lucas dreams of a place where all the perfect people live. But are they as perfect as they seem? This lyrical, richly illustrated picture book highlights the beauty to be found in even the humblest of homes and in a family that may not be materially rich but is rich in love.

Middle School

Ferris by Kate DiCamillo 

In this uproarious and heartfelt tale from the author of Because of Winn-Dixie, fifth-grader Ferris navigates a summer filled with family chaos: a sister turned outlaw, a ghostly visitor for her grandmother, and a basement-bound uncle on a painting spree. With racoon invitations and clandestine missions, Ferris learns that amidst pandemonium, love in its many forms prevails. This is sure to be a timeless story brimming with humor, insight, and tender moments.

Gut Reaction by Kirby Larson and Quinn Wyatt 

This is an important exploration into resilience and healing with living with a chronic illness. Tess Medine copes with her grief through baking. So after her dad passes away she decides to enter a baking competition to honor him. But when she discovers that tasting her creations brings intense abdominal pain she must confront her struggles with both food and grief.

Kyra, Just for Today by Sara Zarr 

Krya has always felt like she’s a bit too much. Too tall. Too loud. Too earnest. But she’s okay with that, because she’s got her mom who got sober 5 years ago. However, when seventh grade brings unexpected changes—her best friend drifting away and fear that her mom may be relapsing—Kyra struggles to maintain her sense of stability. With sensitivity and candor, acclaimed author Sara Zarr tells a heartfelt, personal story about finding hope in even the most difficult places, and love in even the most complicated relationships.

Summer at Squee by Andrea Wang 

Phoenny Fang plans to have the best summer ever at Summertime Chinese Culture, Wellness, and Enrichment Experience (Squee). As a senior camper, she's ready to lead her Squad and embrace the cherished traditions. However, when the Squad is divided and new campers arrive, Phoenny realizes she needs to broaden her perspective, especially regarding the experiences of adoptees. Through new friendships, a budding romance, and cultural exploration, Phoenny undergoes a transformative journey of understanding and connection.

Coyote Lost and Found by Dan Gemeinhart 

It's been almost a year since Coyote and her dad left the road behind and settled down in a small Oregon town. . . time spent grieving the loss of her mom and sisters and trying to fit in at school.When Coyote finds her mom's ashes, she decides it's time for a cross-country trip to scatter them at her chosen spot. With their trusty bus, Yager, and old and new friends, Coyote embarks on a journey of healing and discovery in this unforgettable adventure.

Tree. Table. Book. by Lois Lowry 

Inseparable best friends, the two Sophies, share a unique bond despite their age difference. When the elder Sophie begins to struggle with memory loss, the younger Sophie refuses to let her be taken away by her son. With the help of neighborhood friends Ralphie and Oliver, she embarks on a mission to jog elder Sophie's memory. However, as they delve into her past, young Sophie ends up listening to stories of war, hunger, cruelty, and ultimately love.

Sunny Parker is Here to Stay by Margaret Finnegan 

Sunny Parker loves the Del Mar Garden Apartments, the affordable housing complex where she lives. And she especially loves her neighbors. However, when plans for a new affordable housing complex faces opposition from their affluent neighbors, Sunny realizes the stigma attached to their community. With the support of her friends, she takes a stand to show their community deserves respect and recognition.

The Door is Open: Stories of Celebration and Community by 11 Desi Voices edited by Hena Khan 

Explore a tapestry of South Asian American experiences in the vibrant town of Maple Grove, New Jersey, where the local community center serves as a hub for stories of fear, triumph, and celebration. From chess tournaments to culinary discoveries, follow the journeys of diverse characters navigating love, identity, and friendship. This heartwarming collection of stories that each highlight the beauty and necessity of a community center that everyone calls home.

The Secret Library by Kekla Magoon 

After her Grandpa's death, eleven-year-old Dally feels stifled by her mother's plans for their family business. But when she discovers a mysterious envelope from her Grandpa, leading her to a hidden library filled with portals to different times, Dally embarks on thrilling adventures. However, as she delves deeper into her family's past, she must confront the library's secrets and decide between her mother's plans and her newfound freedom.

The Truth About Triangles by Michael Leali 

Twelve-year-old Luca Salvatore juggles family troubles, a failing pizzeria, and his feelings for his best friend and crush. Hoping to save his family's restaurant, Luca enters a culinary TV show contest. But as tensions rise, Luca must find the perfect recipe to mend his family and friendships. This heartfelt middle-grade novel explores love, friendship, and identity.

Young Adult

Not Your Average Jo by Grace K. Shim 

Riley Jo is a teenager who knows what she wants. Born and raised in Bentonville, Arkansas, this Korean American girl has her sights set on being a musician. Riley pursues her indie rock dreams at an arts boarding school, only to face cultural appropriation and nepotism. As her band sidelines her for being "too Asian," Riley Jo must navigate betrayal and reclaim her voice at the spring concert. But will she be able to take center stage?

Where Sleeping Girls Lie by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé 

Starting her third year at Alfred Nobel Academy, Sade Hussein, accustomed to misfortune, faces a new challenge: her roommate Elizabeth disappears, and suspicions fall on her. With a student found dead and no one investigating Elizabeth's disappearance, Sade takes it upon herself to uncover the truth. Amidst the secrets of the academy, Sade realizes there's more at play than meets the eye.

Here I Am, I Am Me: An Illustrated Guide to Mental Health by Cara Bean 

Cara Bean invites readers on a journey into the complexities of mental health, exploring topics from neuroscience to emotions. Through illustrated characters representing different parts of the brain, readers gain insight into their own minds in an accessible way. Addressing crucial issues like depression and addiction, the book empowers readers with mindfulness tips and resources to destigmatize mental health conversations and support themselves and others.

Shackled: A Tale of Wronged Kids, Rogue Judges, and a Town that Looked Away by Candy J. Cooper 

In the early 2000s, Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, earned reputations as strict enforcers. However, shocking sentences for minor offenses and a for-profit detention center raised suspicions of abuse and bribery. Award-winning journalist Candy J. Cooper delves into this scandal, uncovering one of the most serious violations of children's rights in American legal history.

The Reappearance of Rachel Price by Holly Jackson 

Lights. Camera. Lies. Eighteen-year-old Bel has lived her whole life in the shadow of her mom’s mysterious disappearance. When Rachel Price, long presumed dead, suddenly reappears during a true crime documentary, Bel's world is turned upside down. Unsure if Rachel's story is true, Bel embarks on a quest for the truth, questioning her family's past and the danger of Rachel's return.

This Book Won’t Burn by Samira Ahmed 

After her dad's sudden departure and relocation to a new town, Noor Khan faces the daunting task of finishing her senior year away from home. Determined to keep a low profile, she finds herself confronted with a disturbing discovery at her new school: numerous books by queer and BIPOC authors are being banned from the library. Despite the risks, Noor feels compelled to take a stand. Can she effect change by speaking up?

Spilled Ink by Nadia Hashimi 

When Yalda hears that her twin brother, Yusuf, will be performing with his band, she lets her friends convince her to sneak out to see his show. However when an opening band makes hateful comments, Yusuf uses his time in the spotlight for an impulsive stunt responding to the hate speech. When a video of Yusuf's performance goes viral, their family's restaurant faces backlash, and Yalda must navigate distrustful friends, a grieving family, and a town that no longer feels safe.

Louder Than Words by Ashley Woodfolk and Lexi Underwood 

When Jordyn Jones starts at Edgewood High, she sees it as a chance for a fresh start. But her past follows her, and soon she's embroiled in the fallout from an anonymous podcast revealing students' secrets. As the stakes escalate, Jordyn grapples with her own secret and an online harasser threatening exposure. This is a story about the transformative power of art as protest and its capacity to change the world.

Where Wolves Don’t Die by Anton Treuer 

Ezra Cloud hates living in Northeast Minneapolis. He hates being away from the rez at Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation. When he defends his friend Nora against a bully, Matt, a fire erupts at Matt's home, making Ezra a suspect. Fearing injustice, Ezra's family sends him to run traplines with his grandfather in Canada. As tensions rise, Ezra must navigate danger and self-discovery in this gripping novel.

Rules for Camouflage by Kirstin Cronn-Mills 

Evvie Chambers is doing her best to skate through the last month of high school to graduation. But a challenging biology report on foxes and her unsympathetic teacher, Mrs. Dearborn, stand in her way. Seeking solace in the Lair, a sanctuary for neurodiverse students, Evvie faces bullying and turmoil. When a violent incident shakes her world, Evvie must rely on her friends and inner strength to navigate the chaos and find her place in the world. 

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