What Your Employees Actually Want This Holiday Season

What Your Employees Actually Want This Holiday Season

By Tony DiCostanzo , Nov 4th 2014

Finding the perfect holiday gift for your employees is one of the more stressful tasks a business leader has in the fourth quarter. Gift cards are too impersonal and holiday treats are simply unhealthy. What, then, is the perfect holiday gift?

Gifting books to your team members this holiday season is a great way to show genuine appreciation for all that they do – and what is better than showing your team members that you care about their career growth and success?

Here are three more reasons to consider giving books this holiday season:

1. Books are affordable.

You can choose from thousands of books at all price points in order to find the title that is a perfect fit for your company. Books are a simple and cost-effective solution for holiday gifting.

2. Books inspire and motivate.

Reading about the success stories of business leaders inspires and motivates staff to accomplish more and express their creativity.

3. Books last a long time.

Unlike food and gift certificates, books have an indefinite shelf life. No matter how many times your team members have read a book, they can flip open its pages and enjoy it over and over again.

No matter what industry your company is in, there are relevant books available that can help you and your team become more efficient, knowledgeable and prepared to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

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