What's Your Favorite Children's Book?

What's Your Favorite Children's Book?

By Megan Habel , Apr 2nd 2015

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Team BookPal members talk about their favorite children's book.

Did you know that April 2 is International Children's Book Day? To celebrate the big day, we asked Team BookPal members to tell us about their favorite childhood title. Find out which books they chose below:

Goodnight Moon in bulk

Joe Heathcott, Sales Manager — Goodnight Moon
Why: "I remember my mom reading it to me and my brother all the time."


Where the Sidewalk Ends 9781846143847

Zarna Kamdar, Operations Coordinator — Where the Sidewalk Ends
Why: "I used to love writing poems and reading them. And Shel’s was something I read probably close to 50x as a kid. And that’s a lot for a kid."


The Boxcar Children classroom book set

Stefanie Gordon, Sales Manager — The Boxcar Children (series)
Why: "Every book was full of adventures and mysteries They would always find cool treasures. These were the books that helped me develop a love for reading. In my fantasy world, I secretly wanted to run away and befriend them on their many escapades."


King Bidgood's in the Bathtub children's book in bulk

Michelle Drucker, Manager of Marketing — King Bidgood's in the Bathtub
Why: "I was amazed at how many things he could fit in his bathtub! It really stretches the imagination :)"


The Very Hungry Caterpillar classroom book set

Ketara Gadahn, Director of Business Development — The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Why: "Because of the memories I have of my grandma reading it to my siblings and I."


The Little Prince childrens book in bulk

Sydney Moorhead, Customer Service Associate — The Little Prince
Why: "It's a beautiful, unique story my Dad would read to me. It teaches us to love, explore and appreciate the world around us."


Charlottes Web childrens book in bulk
Elizabeth Lee
, Marketing Associate — Charlotte's Web
Why: "Aside from it being a lovely story on friendship, life and death, I love this book because it was one of the very first ones I owned. When I was in first grade, my teacher gave me her copy of the book. It was all tattered and worn, and she even wrote a little letter to me on the very first page. I still have it!"


The Giving Tree classroom book set

Linda Cheung, Social Media Intern — The Giving Tree
Why: "It shows that no matter how much time passes, love will always remain constant :)"

Peter Baek,  Administrative Assistant — The Giving Tree
Why: "Amongst the many lessons you can learn from this book, there is one, that I believe, stands out. 'Friends can last a lifetime.' Throughout the boy’s life, he had returned to the tree and the tree was always happy to see the boy. It can be a simple meaning, but it is powerful enough to remind you that your friends can always be there for you so long as you are there for them."


Berenstain Bears classroom book set

Liza McRuer, Director of  — The Berenstain Bears (series)
Why: "I love this series because the bears live in a really cool treehouse."


What's your favorite children's book? Tell us by leaving a comment below!


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This post was written by Sydney Moorhead, a customer service associate at BookPal. She is currently reading Work Rules by Laszlo Bock, Do Over by Jon Acuff, Eat Move Sleep by Tom Rath and Stir by Jessica Fechtor.

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