When Reputation Is Everything

When Reputation Is Everything

By Elizabeth Lee , Jan 4th 2015

The Reputation Economy wholesale

Whether you like it or not, there is a ton of information about you online. Thanks to the rapid advances of digital technology, just about anyone can look into your buying habits, your personal and professional networks, your finances and even your physical location at any given time! In today’s world where data is not only aggregated but also analyzed at an alarming speed, your reputation is becoming more valuable than ever. This is the dawn of The Reputation Economy, where your reputation defines your financial, social and professional worth.

Michael Fertik, the founder and CEO of, uses his expertise to show how to capitalize on the trends the Reputation Economy will trigger to in his new book The Reputation Economy. Written with David Thompson, this upcoming business book proves how your online and offline reputation defines how people see you and what they will do for you. Fertik and Thompson argue that reputation is the key to whether your bank will lend you money, whether your employers will hire you, how much you will get paid, whether your landlord will approve you as a tenant and much more. Drawing from examples in different industries, The Reputation Economy shows how everyone can control, curate and optimize their digital reputation to become “rich” in a world where your reputation just might be as valuable as the cash in your wallet.

The Reputation Economy is written by true visionaries. If Fertik and Thompson's predictions are true, this personal branding guide is bound to be a bestseller. I enjoyed reading about the history of big data and the technicalities in storing digital information. Especially useful is the book's guide to optimizing your digital footprints for the future, something that has already proven to be valuable today when it comes to personal branding.

With history on how data became big, insights into successful branding tricks and practical how-to tips, The Reputation Economy is a valuable asset for businesses seeking to understand and best utilize technology and big data. A great tool for marketing, sales and data collection and analysis, this business book is perfect for individual and corporations interested in general business, personal success and entrepreneurship.

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