Why Use Wholesale Book Distributors?

Why Use Wholesale Book Distributors?

By Megan Habel , Dec 15th 2017

Wholesale Book Distributors

Buying one copy of a book is easy — just go to any bookstore and pick it up. But what happens when you need to purchase 50 copies? Or even 1,000? Most retailers don't carry this amount of stock; and if they do, little to no discount is offered. In most cases, going straight to the publisher is both difficult and costly. Wholesale book distributors can offer a multitude of benefits to consumers purchasing wholesale books in bulk quantities.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use wholesale book distributors for your next bulk book purchase:

1. Wholesale book distributors provide more discounts.

Because of the special relationship distributors have with publishers, they are able to offer titles at extremely discounted prices, usually 40-50% off retail price. Additionally, large quantity book orders often include reduced shipping costs. With BookPal, most orders over $100 include shipping free of charge!

2. They offer multiple publisher's titles in one location.

Looking for ten different books, 50 copies each? Do they just so happen to be from different publishers? You could visit each publisher site individually and request a bulk quantity, but that would take time and considerable effort. With a wholesale book distributor, you can order all the books in one place, with one order.

3. Recieve personalized service.

Like other wholesale book distributors, we work with books all day long. Can't decide which book to give as a corporate gift? Can't choose which book to implement in your book club or community reading program? BookPal's dedicated account managers can help you find the perfect book for your leadership training, onboarding, corporate event, book club, school curriculum, library, or other events.

BookPal also offers specialized customization services for books and journals. Want to add your logo or a custom message? Visit our customization services page to learn more.

4. For authors and publishers: distributors can provide marketing services.

One of the biggest differences between wholesale book distributors and other retailers is the active sales team constantly promoting titles. Whether this is in the form of social media shoutouts, featuring a title in written content, or promoting it in a catalog, distributors like BookPal can promote certain titles and get your book in the hands of more customers.

Whether you are looking for multiple copies of books or are an author or publisher looking to get your book out to the public, wholesale book distributors are the way to go. As the leading distributor of bulk books, BookPal strives to provide excellent value, service, and experience to our clients. Make ordering 1,000 books as easy as buying one by visiting our website today.

Wholesale Book Distributors

This post was written by Megan Habel, the marketing associate at BookPal. She is currently reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.

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