Why Your Employees Should Read More and How to Make it Happen

Why Your Employees Should Read More and How to Make it Happen

By Megan Habel , Mar 15th 2016

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Find out why it's crucial to have your employees read more books.

We believe books are crucial to personal and professional development. Organizations that want to grow and succeed utilize books as an invaluable resource to build a strong and educated workforce. How do we know? Because top businesses and organizations order books from us regularly! Not quite convinced that business and self-help books will take your organization to the next level? Here are some more reasons for you to mull over.

10 Reasons Why your Employees Should Read More:

1. Books are fun.

Not everyone enjoys reading off the bat, but choosing the right book for your employees can set them on the path to becoming an avid reader. If the material is entertaining and relatable, they’ll have fun reading and even more fun sharing their thoughts with other employees.

2. Reading encourages people to interact and share ideas.

We recommend creating a space for your employees to talk about the book. After everyone finishes the reading, organize a book club meeting to discuss the material. This will allow people to take a break from their usual routines and reset their brains.

3. Books can reinforce on core values.

By recommending a title that exemplifies or expands upon one of your company's core values, you can reiterate to your staff the principles that are important to the business. Choosing the right book can strengthen your company's corporate culture and promote a healthy work environment for your team members to thrive in.

4. Books inspire innovation.

It's often difficult to encourage people to think beyond their day-to-day tasks. By introducing a book to your company, you’re essentially presenting a new set of ideas from the outside world. Books introduce fresh, new perspectives that inspire employees to think differently. Whether they spark brand new ideas or breathe life into older ones, books stimulate the brain and encourage creative thinking.

5. Books are timeless gifts that are both useful and sentimental.

Everyone appreciates a good gift, especially one they can keep and use for years to come. Show your employees that you appreciate them by providing them with a great title that will not only help them grow as a person but will also remind them of how valued they are by your business.

6. Reading is relaxing.

While you should encourage your employees to read during their non-work hours, we also recommend that employees take a few short breaks throughout the work day to read because it will allow them to decompress and return to their desk feeling refreshed.

7. Books help build bridges between departments.

For large corporations or even small organizations of 10 to 15 people, understanding and appreciating the work that other departments do every day can be a challenge. By providing a book as a common ground that all departments read, you can bridge the gap between departments that may not otherwise interact.

8. Books help keep employees up-to-date with literary trends.

With everything going on at work and at home, it’s hard to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in literature. If you choose to forgo the classic business and self-help titles and instead select a new, popular, and trending book for your employees to read, you’re helping become more socially and culturally aware. Furthermore, staying up to date with important changes or new ways of thinking is critical to maintaining a competent and progressive workforce.

9. Books encourage community engagement.

If your employees really enjoy the book they're reading, it's pretty likely they'll want to share it with friends and family, creating a plethora of positive personal connections. And for companies who interface with clients and vendors, sharing facets of a book can be a good way to break the ice or strike up interesting conversations.

10. Successful people read.

Lastly but most importantly, it’s been proven time and time again that reading books helps people succeed. Even if you’re not reading a success advice book — maybe you’re trying out a popular fiction title — you’re still working different parts of your brain and learning something new.

How to get your employees to read more:

Start a company book club! Our "How to Start and Manage a Company Book Club" white paper includes a step-by-step guide on how to run a book club for your business. Click the banner below to find out how you can download the free white paper!


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