Other People's Words: Wisdom for an Inspired and Productive Life [Hardcover]

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Seth Siegel
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    A BookPal Staff Pick for May 2021

    We all need inspiration. Other People's Words delivers it.

    When we are confused or sad, lonely or angry, or simply in need of a boost in a relationship or in our life goals, each of us can be uplifted by the wisdom of others.

    New York Times bestselling author Seth M. Siegel has spent a lifetime collecting quotations that can guide us through virtually every life challenge and experience. The result is Other People's Words, a must-have collection that belongs in every student’s dorm room, every executive’s office, and on everyone’s night table.

    With nearly 1,200 quotations from more than 700 sources organized into 200 categories within 11 thematic areas, anyone of any age can be motivated by the insights found in this uplifting book. Other People's Words brings together moving, beautifully worded ideas from the ancients to the moderns and from the famous to the unknown to motivate, to teach, to heal – and to inspire.

    Other People's Words will be an enduring source of guidance for family, friends, graduates, co-workers, and retirees. Indeed, for all of us.

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    Publisher St. Martin's Press
    ISBN-13 9781250132567
    Pages 176
    Format Hardcover
    Publication Date 05/04/2021 0:00
    Language English
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