The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact [Hardcover]

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Chip Heath
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    The Power of Moments is a 2017 O.W.L. Award Winner in the Business category:

    Chip and Dan Heath, the authors behind the New York Times best sellers Switch and Made to Stick, explore why certain brief experiences can change us forever and how we can create these extraordinary moments in life and work.

    Discover stories of people who have created standout moments, from hotel owners who created one of the most loved properties in Los Angeles, to relief workers who beat a deadly health practice, to a team that revitalized one of the worst elementary schools in the country through intervention.

    Learn how elevation, insight, pride, and connection create our most memorable positive moments in life. Why leave these moments to chance when you can create them yourself? Use this book to become the author of richer and more fulfilling experiences. Parents, teachers, and business professionals alike will find principles that can transform short encounters to memories that last a lifetime. The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact is perfect for your next leadership meeting, training session, corporate event, or group gathering. Order this and other popular business titles in bulk from BookPal and save on your purchase. We offer an extensive catalog of business and self-help wholesale books that have impacted individuals, organizations, and businesses nationwide. Browse our catalog today!

    ISBN: 9781501147760
    Authors: Chip Heath, Dan Heath

    The book, The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impac [Bulk, Wholesale, Quantity] ISBN# 9781501147760 in Hardcover by Chip Heath;Dan Heath may be ordered in bulk quantities. Minimum starts at 25 copies. Availability based on publisher status and quantity being ordered.
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    Publisher Simon & Schuster
    ISBN-13 9781501147760
    Pages 320
    Format Hardcover
    Publication Date 10/03/2017 00:00
    Language English
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