Their Eyes Were Watching God [Turtleback Library Ed]

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Zora Neale Hurston
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    While Zora Heale Hurston’s novel now receives critical claim and is considered a classic of the African American literature canon, Their Eyes Were Watching God was not well received upon its initial publication and was out of print for almost thirty years. This 75th anniversary edition honors Hurston’s strong female protagonist that readers originally refused to accept, but now have come to love. When Janie Crawford returns to Eatonville, Florida, she is the talk of the town. Janie has been gone for quite some time and she isn’t the same woman who had left Eatonville after a failed marriage to an abusive man and then a subsequent marriage to a much younger man, Tea Cake. Janie confides in her old friend Pheoby Watson and tells her of all the trials and joys she has experienced over the years. Her story is filled with moments of success, but also moments of deep sadness, terror and suspense. Yet after it all, Janie finds a peace and acceptance within herself once back in Eatonville. This title is recommended for readers fourteen years or older, or with a high school reading level. Order the classic title Their Eyes Were Watching God in bulk for your school curriculum or reading program and receive wholesale prices. BookPal, the leading bulk book distributor, offers an extensive catalog of wholesale books, class sets of books and bargain books. Buy bulk books online from BookPal today! ISBN 9780756964337 Library Bound by Turtleback Author: Zora Neale Hurston

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    Publication Date 1/3/2006 0:00
    Language English
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