When Death Becomes Life: Notes from a Transplant Surgeon [Paperback]

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Joshua D. Mezrich
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    A beautifully written and compelling memoir of a largely unexplored area of medicine: transplant surgery.

    Leading transplant surgeon Dr Joshua Mezrich creates life from loss, moving organs from one body to another. In this intimate, profoundly moving work, he examines more than one hundred years of remarkable medical breakthroughs, connecting this fascinating history with the stories of his own patients.

    Gripping and evocative, How Death Becomes Life takes us inside the operating room and presents the stark dilemmas that transplant surgeons must face daily: How much risk should a healthy person be allowed to take to save someone she loves? Should a patient suffering from alcoholism receive a healthy liver? The human story behind the most exceptional medicine of our time, Mezrich's riveting book is a poignant reminder that a life lost can also offer the hope of a new beginning.

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    Publisher HarperPerennial
    ISBN-13 9780062656216
    Pages 384
    Format Paperback
    Publication Date 01/07/2020 0:00
    Language English
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