10 Virtual Field Trips for the Classroom

By Michelle Drucker , May 21st 2014

Have you ever wanted to take your students on a field trip to somewhere inaccessible? Now you can show your class the world by taking them on a "virtual field trip". Programs like Google Earth and Google Mars are great for exposing your students different sites on Earth and beyond. Kindergarten teacher and blogger Matt B. Gomez recommends Wonderopolis as a useful tool for going on virtual adventures. Here are BookPal's suggestions for 10 can't-miss virtual field trips:

1) Under The Sea - Explore the deepest parts of the ocean with your students.

2) International Space Station - Grab your 3D glasses and take a tour of the inside and outside of the international space station!

3) African Safari - Not every school has a zoo close by. Instead you can admire a variety of species straight from your desktop!

4) Treasure Hunt - You can create your own virtual treasure hunt with this interactive app.

5) Egyptian Pyramids - Transport your classroom to the inside of an Egyptian Pyramid.

6) Machu Piccu - Scale the narrow pathways of this ancient Incan city.

7) Ancient Rome- Experience all of the monuments from Ancient Rome in 3D on Google Earth.

8 Mt. Everest - Go on a virtual tour and climb extreme heights!

9) The Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Universal Orlando's interactive website allows you to navigate throughout the entire amusement park with just a click of your mouse.

10) Mars - You can explore the surface of the planet Mars using Google Earth.

Safe travels everyone!

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