5 Reasons to Take a Vacation from Work

5 Reasons to Take a Vacation from Work

By Michelle Drucker , Jun 17th 2016

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Learn why you should seriously consider taking a vacation from work this summer.

Summer is here and your bathing suit is calling! Although it may seem daunting to leave your work behind and take a break, it can actually be worse for you not to. Read on to find out why you should take at least one vacation from work per year.

5 Reasons to Take a Vacation:

1. Vacations are good for your body.

Among other more obvious health benefits, several studies show that taking a vacation can reduce the risk of heart attack dramatically for both men and women.

2. Vacations alleviate stress. 

Stress releases hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine that can harm your health over time. Vacations reduce stress and hence even out our hormone levels by taking people away from everyday activities and stressful environments.

3. Vacations make you a happier person. 

Working consistently long hours with no long breaks on the horizon can significantly affect our mental health. Not only is a vacation an enjoyable mental release, but the planning process adds excitement and anticipation to your life.

4. Vacations make you more productive at work.

Did you know that giving more vacation time to workers increases company productivity and decreases the number of sick days used? Taking a break from work, if done correctly, increases creativity, cognitive function, vocabulary, and reasoning skills so when you return from a vacation, you actually work better!

5. Vacations help you improve your work processes.

When you leave to go on vacation, someone has to take over. Hence, you need to make sure that person is trained on how to do your job. This is a great opportunity to review your processes, practice training, and give another employee the opportunity to exercise new skills.


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This post was written by Michelle Drucker, the manager of marketing at BookPal. She is currently reading Making Work Work by Shola Richards and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

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