5 Reasons Why TFIOS Is Not Your Average Teen Movie

5 Reasons Why TFIOS Is Not Your Average Teen Movie

By Michelle Drucker , Jun 10th 2014

IMG_0339The highly anticipated Fault in Our Stars movie debuted at $48 million at the box offices this past weekend. Based on the bestselling novel by John Green, The Fault in Our Stars tells the story of two star-crossed, cancer ridden lovers. Despite their circumstances, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters manage to find their very own "little infinity". Unlike most teen romance movies, this story is refreshing and original. Here are 5 reasons why The Fault in Our Stars is not your average teen movie:


 1) There's no glamour.

Cancer is not glamorous, It's messy, frustrating and scary.

2) The casting is age appropriate.

Both Shailene (22) and Ansel Elgort (20), who plays the charismatic Augustus Waters, actually look and act like teenagers.

3) There are no zombies, vampires, or dystopian plot lines.

A stark comparison to major page-to-screen hits like Hunger Games and Divergent, the characters face real life challenges in a real world.

4) It has depth.

Wether you have cancer or not, the story will challenge your normal way of thinking and present a new perspective on life.

5) Spoiler alert! There is no happy ending.

You will go home in tears. Your heart will be broken and that's okay!


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