6 Lunch Ideas for Work That Are Simple To Make

6 Lunch Ideas for Work That Are Simple To Make

By Megan Habel , May 6th 2016


These simple lunch ideas for work are quick and delicious!

Whether you’re a teacher with a class of full of students or a business professional with two presentations to give in one day, it can be really challenging to find time to think about things like lunch. The fact of the matter is, you may have a detailed list of tasks you plan to get done each day, but you’re not going to get it all done without taking a break to eat a nutritious meal. The great news is you don’t to have to spend a ridiculous amount of time meal prepping to enjoy a satisfying lunch every day. There are tons of quick and easy work lunch ideas out there, but here are some of my personal favorites to get you started.

6 delicious and easy work lunch ideas:

1. Burrito Bowl

burrito bowl

Burritos are an amazing and delicious creation, but does anyone other than the people at Chipotle actually know how to properly wrap one? Skip the hassle of wrapping and rewrapping a tortilla by just eating the good stuff on the inside. When you create your own bowl, all you have to do is throw together your favorite parts of a burrito, whether it’s beans, rice, chicken or maybe a few tortilla chips for a nice crunch.

Found on Damn Delicious.


2. Mason Jar Zucchini Pasta Salad

mason jar zucchini pasta salad

Mason jar meals are all the rage right now and for a good reason – they’re super adorable, super easy and super yummy. This recipe is particularly tasty and easy because all you have to do is layer in a bunch of simple but delicious vegetables along with a light, healthy dressing. And don’t let the name fool you, there’s no need for boiling up some pasta last minute. Zucchini is a magic vegetable that can double as pasta when broken into thin strips.

Found on Sugar-Free Mom.


3. Stuffed Bagel Sandwich


Don’t sell yourself short by only enjoying bagels in the morning. A bagel sandwich is an easy way to pair bagels with some protein and nutrients to keep you fully charged all day. This recipe only requires some cream cheese, seasoning, veggies and salami. This is the sandwich you’ll be thinking about all morning until lunch time.

Found on Family Fresh Meals.


4. Three Bean Salad 


What extravagant, elaborate ingredients do you need for this recipe? Three beans, of course! There are a few other ingredients to give each of the beans some flavor, but all together this is an amazingly simple work lunch idea that you can whip up in a few minutes the night before work or in a large batch over the weekend. While there’s no meat in this recipe, the beans in this lunch still offer plenty of protein for that necessary midday boost.

Found on Country Cleaver.


5. Apple Sandwiches


I love this lunch idea for work because it not only satisfies my constant need for almond butter, but it’s also a grown up twist to a classic childhood snack. All you need is a few minutes, some apples, almond butter and your favorite granola to create a lunch that all your coworkers will be drooling over. You might be inclined to share...maybe.

Found on Garnish with Lemon.


6. Shrimp Salad with Peas

shrimp salad with peas

For all you lovers of seafood, don’t fear, the shrimp is here! Eating fish at work can be a little dicey because you might risk stinking up the office, but you don’t have to worry about any foul smells with this tasty recipe. If you buy some ready-to-go shrimp, as well as some of the other simple ingredients like peas and mayonnaise, all you have to do is throw everything in a bowl and you’re all set to enjoy a little midday taste of the sea.

Found on Food.


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This post was written by Sydney Moorhead, the product specialist at BookPal. She is currently reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

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