9 Fun Spring Bulletin Boards for Your Classroom

9 Fun Spring Bulletin Boards for Your Classroom

By Shelly Leung , Apr 14th 2016


Bring spring into your classroom with these bulletin board ideas.

Spring is in the air — that means it's time to redecorate the classroom to celebrate the new season with your students! Impress your students and their parents with how much they've learned from these brilliant spring bulletin boards. Here are 9 fun and educational spring bulletin boards ideas to try out this season:


1. Learn about life cycles.

Life Cycles: Spring Bulletin Boards

Teach your children about the miracles of life! Pick a couple of animals and display the transformations they go through with this evolving bulletin board. Browse The Creative Classroom for more fun bulletin boards like this one.


2. Encourage eco-friendliness.

Environmentally Friendly: Spring Bulletin Board

It's important to care about the environment. Show your kids how they can be more environmentally friendly with this nifty bulletin board! Find a list of materials you'll need at Trading Ideas.


3. Celebrate the library.

Celebrate the Library: Spring bulletin Boards

The library shouldn't just be celebrated during National Library Month in April. Shout out to your school or a local library and make avid readers out of your kids with this adorable board! Bonus: this bulletin board will encourage kids to love the library all year long. For more amazing library-themed ideas, visit Barbra Hesson.


4. Spotlight The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Very Hungry Caterpillar: Spring Bulletin Board

Who doesn't love The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Great crafty with your students and build this Very Hungry Caterpillar bulletin board together! Find out how from Mrs. Goff.


5. Display a shower of tips.

showers: spring bulletin boards

Help your kids become problem solvers with this "Showers of ________ Tips" bulletin board! Pick a topic and have your kids decorate a raindrop with their very own tip. This rain-themed board idea is a great way to get artsy while sharing wise words of wisdom! MPM Ideas guides you through the creation process.


6. Make a poetry tree.

Poet Tree: Spring Bulletin Board

Have your students channel their inner poets! Help them create a poetry portfolio with this creative bulletin board. Runde's Room guides you through the process.


7. Showcase your flock.

flock: spring bulletin board

Inspire your students to write their own stories with this cute bulletin board idea! Sunny Days offers ideas to change up your flock's bulletin board throughout the spring.


8. We are lucky because...

Keep your kids positive about life! Sometimes a change in perspective is all you need, so encourage your kids to take a moment and think about why they are lucky. See the full tutorial for this board on A Cupcake for the Teacher.


9. Spring into action.

exercise: Spring Bulletin Boards

Keep your kids healthy and active — they'll thank you and so will their parents! We love this take-charge bulletin board idea from PE Central.

Looking for more spring bulletin board ideas?

There are tons of ways to decorate your room! If you’re looking for more classroom decoration ideas be sure to check out our Elementary School Decorations Pinterest board. Happy decorating!

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This post was written by Shelly Leung, the marketing intern at BookPal. She is currently reading Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Twenty Prose Poems by Charles Baudelaire.

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