Find Inspiration for Your Next Journal Project

Find Inspiration for Your Next Journal Project

By Megan Habel , Jan 17th 2020

Make your custom journal stand out with these ideas.

Custom journals are a great way to communicate your organization's values and boost your brand to clients and/or employees. What's more, choosing the right style and messaging is key to making a lasting impression. With over 100 journals in our catalog, it may be hard to narrow down the right option for your organization. We've highlighted our best selling journals to get you started:


Our Top 5 Castelli Journal Bestsellers:

Mid Size Tucson Journal1. Mid Size Tucson Journal
Our most popular journal, the Mid Size Tucson Journal has continued to be a favorite among BookPal customers. The leather-like cover gives a professional look without breaking the bank. Measuring 5 1/4" x 8 3/8", it includes 240 lined ivory pages, a pen loop, an elastic closure, an expandable back pocket, and a gold ribbon marker. Choose from thirteen vibrant colors: orange, beige, black, dark green, purple, black, light grey, dark grey, lime green, red, blue, light green, and sky blue.

Why we love it: With 13 colors to choose from, this journal provides plenty of options for any brand in any segment.

Medium Ivory Hybrid Journal2. Medium Ivory Hybrid Journal
Combining functionality and elegance, the Medium Ivory Hybrid Journal is the best of both worlds. The three enclosed triple wire rings guarantee pages will remain organized, while the faux leather Tucson cover looks great in briefcases and on desks. In addition to these features, this customizable journal also includes 240 lined ivory pages, a matching elastic band, and a gold ribbon marker. The 5 3/4" x 8 9/16" size also makes it optimal for taking on the go. It comes in five colors: blue, red, orange, beige, and black.

Why we love it: Because of the hybrid binding, this journal is able to lay completely flat when open while keeping the classic hardcover journal look.

Appeel Medio Journal3. Appeel Medio Journal
Made from apple pulp and vegetable fibers, this journal is completely natural, sustainable, and tree-free. Inside, you'll find 192 apple paper pages with green lines, a gold ribbon marker, and a back pocket. This 5 1/4" x 8 3/8" journal comes in eight colors: green, blue, red, black, yellow, brown, orange, and grey.

Why we love it: Not only are Appeel journals made from 100% sustainable materials, they smell delicious!

Mid Size Tucson Slim4. Tucson Slim Medium Ivory Journal
Not to be confused with its full-sized counterpart, the Tucson Slim includes 192 grey lined pages (as opposed to 240) and a gold ribbon marker. The 5 1/4" x 8 3/8" journal features a smooth soft texture that is often mistaken for leather and comes in five colors: blue, black, orange, beige, and grey.

Why we love it: Because of the lower page count, the Tucson Slim boasts a lower price tag while maintaining a high-quality look and feel.

Medium Tucson Journal5. Medium Tucson Journal
This affordable larger journal has a classic look for a great price. It includes 256 grey-lined white pages with two ribbon markers in blue and silver. Measuring 7" x 9 11/16", the slightly padded cover comes in fourteen colors: grey, orange, burgundy, brown, black, red, navy blue, green, periwinkle, royal blue, bright red, sky blue, light green, and burnt orange.

Why we love it: For those who want more room to take notes, this larger-sized journal is our most cost-effective option.


Most Common and Effective Tip-in Use Cases:

Custom journals are quite a versatile marketing tool, especially when you include a tip-in insert! We've highlighted the most common ways in which clients use our journals:


Tradeshow tip-in exampleConferences & Tradeshows
Stand out among the crowd with a beautiful customized journal. You'll be able to reach a wide audience not only at the event but long after as they take the journal (with your branding) home with them.

Tip: Add a trifold tip-in containing the event schedule, information on the speakers or destination, and/or information about your organization.


Onboarding tip-in example


Employee Onboarding
First impressions are vital; this is the moment that sets the tone for your new employees. A custom journal with your company's logo and branding will not only be a highlight of your onboarding process, but it will also provide a handy place for note-taking during training.

Tip: Consider adding a tip-in page with information on your company, your core values, and/or a training schedule.



Sales promotion design example

Sales Promotion
Showcase your company's product or service through branded journals. As clients or prospects flip open the journal, they will be reminded of what you have to offer.

Tip: Attention authors: match the journal to your book for a cohesive and stand-out book launch.


Client gift personalization example

Client/Partner Gifts
Give a gift your clients and/or employees will use over and over. A branded journal, whether given to celebrate a holiday or just as an expression of appreciation, will remind both current and potential clients of your business every time they put the gift to use.

Tip: Include a thank you message in your tip-in.


Want to learn more about our custom journals? Check out our comprehensive buyer's guide.


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This post was written by Megan Habel, the Brand Strategist at BookPal. She is currently reading The Remix by Lindsey Pollak.

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