McDonald’s Reimagines Happy Meals

McDonald’s Reimagines Happy Meals

By Megan Habel , Oct 22nd 2013

HT_happy_meal_mcdonalds_nt_131010_16x9_992This November, McDonald's is temporarily replacing its traditional Happy Meal toys with children’s books in order to promote literacy and wellness. Beginning the first of the month, which coincides with National Family Literacy Day, McDonald’s will offer four titles featuring original Happy Meal characters: The Goat Who Ate Everything, Deana’s Big Dream, Doddi the Dodo Goes to Orlando and Ant, Can’t. The books, which were created specifically for the promotion by one of McDonald’s marketing partners, focus on activity and healthy eating.

In addition to distributing an estimated 20 million print books, McDonald’s is offering PDF downloads of nonfiction children’s titles through its website and Happy Meal app. With support from the National Literacy Trust, McDonald’s hopes to put books into the hands of millions of children who otherwise might not have access to literature.

Offering books as part of a promotion is a great way to engage both children and parents. Check out our Customization Page or our Literacy and Education Bookshelf for ways to enhance your brand and get involved with National Family Literacy Day!


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