The Great Big List of Teacher Conferences to Attend This School Year

The Great Big List of Teacher Conferences to Attend This School Year

By Megan Habel , Sep 29th 2015

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Find the perfect teacher conferences to attend this academic year!

If you’re a teacher looking for inspiration and new ideas then you should consider attending a conference this school year. Here are some upcoming teacher conferences — throughout the country and for both K-12 and higher education teachers — that offer vital tools and resources for both seasoned and new teachers.


1. 2015 SoTL Conference

October 9-10, 2015
St. Louis, Missouri

At this conference, university and college teachers will have the opportunity to learn about important topics like inclusion and diversity at the higher education level.  

2. NCAEE Annual Conference

October 18-20, 2015
Charlotte/Concord, North Carolina

Calling all elementary school teachers! If you’re an elementary school teacher, you’ll definitely want to check out this conference that features inspiring breakout sessions and keynote speakers.

3. CUE 2015 Fall Conference

October 23-24, 2015
Napa Valley, California

Here, anyone involved with technology and its impact on student success will have the opportunity to learn and grow.

4. 2015 ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership

October 30- November 1, 2015
San Diego, California

Being a teacher is really about being a leader. Improve your skills to lead in the classroom at this annual conference in sunny Southern California.

5. Revolutionary Science

November 12-14, 2015
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Are you a science teacher looking to learn from other fellow science teachers in the field? Get excited to hear about these three topics: “Revolutionizing Engineering for the Future,” “Integrating Literacy Strategies to Revolutionize PreK–12 Science Instruction,” and “Technology: Teaching Revolutionary Science in the Digital Age.”

6. Spark

November 13, 2015
Portland, Oregon

Featuring four speakers in one day, this short but informative conferences offers educators lessons on successfully integrating technology into education.

7. 2015 Fall Global Conference on Education

November 13-15, 2015
Costa Mesa, California

This unique conference will allow you to learn alongside other college and university educators from all over the world.

8. 95th NCSS Annual Conference

November 13-15, 2015
New Orleans, Louisiana

Are you a social studies teacher? If so, then there is a conference just for you! Collaborate and work alongside other social studies teachers in the historic town of New Orleans.

9. NCTE Annual Convention

November 19-22, 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota

This conference explores a wide variety of different educational topics. With sessions ranging from topics like Writing and Composition, to Argumentation, to Equity and Social Justice, there’s really something for every kind of English teacher!

10. 2015 Annual Convention and World Languages Expo

November 20-22, 2015
San Diego, California

Whether you teach french, spanish, or any of the other 6,000 languages featured at this convention, you’ll be able to expand your knowledge on teaching language.

11. Shaping Student Mindsets: Promoting Academic Attitudes, Persistence and Performance

February 11-13, 2016
San Francisco, California

Using Stanford’s Carol Dweck “growth mindset,” learn how to transform and influence the way students think about education and what they can achieve in the classroom.

12. The 49th Annual VSRA Conference

March 3-5, 2016
Norfolk, Virginia

Going on it’s 49th year as a conference, the VSRA conference gives educators access to literacy research and informative tools for literacy, particularly on a local level.

13. Science: Empowering Performance

March 31–April 3, 2016
Nashville, Tennessee

You’ll learn about topics like scientific literacy and integrating science with other educational disciplines.

14. Building a Bridge to Student Success

April 13–16, 2016
San Francisco, California

Math teachers rejoice! Here’s your opportunity to learn alongside 9,000 math educators at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference.

15. ISTE 2016

June 26-29, 2016
Denver, Colorado

This conference is the perfect opportunity to expand your abilities as a teacher and utilize your classroom. Interactive lectures and even a playground are just some of 1,000 features of this conference.

16. 2016 ASCD Conference on Teaching Excellence

July 8–10, 2016
New Orleans, Louisiana

Looking to be an all-around excellent teacher? Regardless of grade or subject, this conference will provide you with valuable teaching tips and skills.

17. International Literacy Association's 2016 Conference

July 9–11, 2016
Boston, Massachusetts

Literacy is a cornerstone of education and this conference proves it. You’ll have the opportunity to think about the importance of literacy in a creative and innovative way.


What teacher conferences are you excited about attending this year? Share with us by leaving a comment below!

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