Stargirl [Mass Market Paperback]

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Jerry Spinelli
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Mass Market Paperback

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    Written by popular author and Newbery Medalist Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl combines the struggle of growing up with the power of imaginative and compelling characters. Who exactly is Stargirl? She’s the adoration of everyone in school from the moment she joins Mica High. Everyone is buzzing with the name Stargirl. She’s even got boys like Leo Borlock falling for her and all the students are suddenly full of school spirit thanks to her rallying. But of course, everyone’s affection can’t last forever. Soon the school begins to despise her for standing out. Leo loves her, but even he can’t handle her uniqueness, so he wants her to be just like everyone else. Now Stargirl must decide if she wants to continue to be a big fish in a small pond or shrink herself down to size. An emotional story that speaks to what it means to be an individual while growing up, Stargirl is the ideal read for students 12 and older, or with a middle school to high school reading level. Purchase this book in bulk for your school’s next literary event, class curriculum or reading program. When you order a classroom set of Stargirl from BookPal you’ll receive wholesale pricing, as well as excellent customer service and easy order tracking. As the leading distributor of books in bulk, BookPal is dedicated to providing educators and schools with a large selection of brand new, wholesale education titles, bargain books and classroom novel sets. ISBN 9780440416777 Paperback Author: Jerry Spinelli

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    Publication Date 5/11/2004 0:00
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