The Glass Castle: A Memoir [Paperback]

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Jeannette Walls
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    Spending more than seven years on the New York Times bestseller list and now a major motion picture, The Glass Castle: A Memoir tells the story of the dysfunctional yet loving family that gave author Jeannette Walls the determination to create a successful life of her own.

    Meet Rex Walls, Jeannette’s charismatic father who, when sober, captivated his children’s imaginations with vibrant stories about his past adventures. Her mother, Rose Mary, is a self-proclaimed “excitement addict” who would rather paint than be bothered by menial tasks like cooking or cleaning. The Walls family lived like nomads, never staying in one place longer than a couple months. However, when money runs out and the excitement of the road fades, the disfunction rises. Rex starts drinking, stealing the grocery money, and disappearing for days. Jeannette and her siblings must find a way to stand on their own.

    Moving and refreshingly honest, The Glass Castle: A Memoir is a great read for high school students. Brand-new classroom novel sets are perfect to provide to students as part of your classroom curriculum or for your school or educational program’s library, next literary event, or school-sponsored book club. BookPal makes staying within your budget easy by offering wholesale books at highly discounted pricing. Browse our extensive catalog featuring other classroom novel sets, paperbacks in bulk, and literacy program books in bulk.

    ISBN: 9780743247542
    Author: Jeannette Walls

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    Publisher Scribner Book Company
    ISBN-13 9780743247542
    Pages 288
    Format Paperback
    Publication Date 1/9/2006 0:00
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