The Hunger Games [Paperback]

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Suzanne Collins
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    Made into a major motion picture, the Hunger Games series has captured readers all around the world. The imaginative world, gripping suspense and adventure, compelling character development and strong female protagonist are all elements that make this series a classic and a must-read for teenagers and adults alike. In the first book in the series, we’re introduced to a place gripped by a dark power struggle. Set in what once was North America, the nation of Panem is composed of Capitol and the twelve districts that surround it. There’s no democracy in Panem, the Capitol holds all the power. Once the districts tried to revolt against Capitol and lost. As a result, the Capitol started a yearly event called “The Hunger Games.” The horrific event involves each of the districts sending one boy and one girl to fight in an annual televised fight to the death, meaning the only way to win is to be the the last kid alive at the end. While this terrible event seems to never change, the participation of the brave, compassionate Katniss Everdeen may shake things up. Due to darker themes and action, this title is recommended for readers ages 12 and older, or with at least a middle school reading level. This title is perfect for including in your school’s classroom curriculum, for your next community reading program or for a large-scale reading event. When you order this popular education book in bulk from BookPal, you’ll receive brand-new books at highly discounted, wholesale prices. We also offer an extensive catalog of other bulk education books, bargain books and the other books in Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series. ISBN 9780439023528 Paperback Author: Suzanne Collins

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