Teaching With Technology

Teaching With Technology

By Michelle Drucker , Jul 31st 2013

Have you ever seen a two-year-old playing with an iPad? Met an eight-year-old with his or her own smart phone? Asked your teenage child to help you with a computer problem? The technological age is upon us and the youngest generations are the first to adapt.

Today, incorporating technology into everyday life is practically a necessity. The purpose is to make our lives easier but if used improperly technology can do the exact opposite. The same principles can be applied to educational technology: When used correctly and effectively, it can be a great tool for keeping students engaged in the classroom. Certain programs can free up teachers time spent on tedious tasks, such as correcting, while simultaneously documenting data on each students performance. Not to mention, kids love it! The key is to interact with your students and guide them through the activities.

Technology is changing and progressing whether we like it or not. As tablet devices, online gaming, data processing and adaptive-learning software become readily available and affordable, now is the time to utilize these resources.

Here are a few Edtech (educational technology) recommendations to incorporate into your curriculum:

1) Interactive story-telling apps- Find some great apps here.

2) WebsitesReadingEggsMathletics, and Edutopia are a few good places to start.

3) Tablet and computer games- The options are endless.

4) Ebooks– Check back in the fall for eBooks in bulk on BookPal!

For more resources and helpful tips check out Edudemic.

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